Commuter coach service success

An all new coach commuter service providing a link between North Somerset and North Bristol business areas has hit the ground running during its first month of operations making well over 2,000 passenger journey since the wheels started turning on 4 November.

The distinctive yellow and green coaches made more than 1,000 passenger journeys within the first two weeks, and now more than 2,500 passenger journeys have been made between North Somerset and North Bristol.


The coach service – run in partnership with North Somerset Council and funded by the Local Sustainable Transport Fund – provides commuters with a convenient, quick and green link for commuters.


Eight daily services carry passengers from Weston-super-Mare, Clevedon and Portishead to business areas such as Aztec West, Airbus and the MOD, in North Bristol and back.


Previously thousands of commuters in North Somerset had little option other than to travel by car but now they can travel by luxury coach offering a guaranteed seat and luxuries such as WiFi and air conditioning. All coaches are also equipped with real time tracking, allowing commuters to check the location of their service online or through mobile devices.


The service is a green option too, as coach travel produces five times less Co2 per passenger kilometre than the average car journey, meanwhile each coach takes a mile of traffic off the roads helping to reduce traffic congestion.

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