Major Updates

This advent we’re challenging you to gift 30 minutes to yourself each day with a physical activity you enjoy.

Taking part is easy.

The rules
1) Live or work in South Glos
2) Complete a physical activity of your choice each day over the advent period
3) Tick the relevant box in the form each day (make sure you save the form to your computer, otherwise it wont work)
4) Submit your results at the end of the challenge to win a prize

Please note: No telling porkies on your form. Santa is watching, and he has informed us that fibbers will be made to eat extra Brussels sprouts.

Still feeling sluggish? Don’t worry, to egg(nog) you on, we’ve created a digital advent calendar just for you.

Each day, you’ll find inspiring content behind one of these doors, and as an extra incentive we’ll be dangling some shiny carrots in front of you to keep you going: Santa has given us 3 Fitbits and a Garmin for some lucky winners (thanks Santa!).

Why should I take part?

Your life today is the result of your habits.

Health, happiness and success are all the result of habits. What we repeatedly do, think, and say forms the person we are. But what if our habits are working against, rather than for us?

Is there a way to form new habits?

Yes! Our team of behaviour change experts have designed this challenge to help you create good habits which lead to lasting change.

Each day, we’ll:

  • Remind you of your commitment
  • Motivate you with great content
  • Reward you with the chance to win prizes

The biggest rewards will be the changes you see in yourself.

How does it work?

The more times we perform an action, the less we have to think about it, and the easier it is to do.

Stick this out for the full 25 days, and these new behaviours will begin to become automatic and habitual.

These small daily commitments seem insignificant on their own, but over time they are absolutely life-changing.

What are you waiting for? Get started today!

Click the form below to get started

Advent Challenge form. Click here to fill in the form with your activities

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