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What is an Active Travel Champion?

Are you keen to promote Cycling and Walking in your workplace?

Our Active Travel Champion project provides support, training and resources to enable ‘Champions’ to encourage active travel in their organisation.

As an Active Travel Champion you will identify site specific barriers and opportunities for active travel, highlighting any key objectives for your organisation.

We will be on hand to provide you with a package to support behaviour change that ranges from free bicycle maintenance sessions to led walks.
Our measures are designed to promote active travel as a means of travelling to and for work.

What is on offer?

Champions will be supported in their workplace to promote cycling and walking through a range of activities. We can offer the following free:

  • Welcome pack – everything you need to get you started as a Champion.
  • Emergency Cycle Repair Kit – fully equipped repair kit for your organisation. Includes a pump, tools, inner tubes, spare lights and lock.
  • Promotional Materials – regular supply of maps and leaflets, as well as seasonal promotions such as hi-vis and rucksack covers.
  • Travel Roadshow arrange a roadshow to engage staff and carry out personalised travel planning.
  • FREE Bicycle Maintenance sessions – group sessions to learn how to maintain your own bike.
  • FREE Dr Bike – bicycle servicing by a trained mechanic at your place of work.
  • Cycle Training – to improve your skills and ability to cycle confidently.
  • Umbrella pool – to encourage lunchtime walks and walking meeting.
  • Led walks – a range of walks led by local experts either at lunch-time or after work.

In return for our support offers we ask that Champions help feed in to the South Gloucestershire Cycle Forum, ideally by attending meetings or alternatively by agreeing to be added to the cycle forum email list. Meetings are held quarterly and usually run from 6-8pm.

We are also looking for hosts for future meetings, so please let us know if you can help.

How do I join?

To enrol on our Active Travel Champions scheme, please complete the form below, or alternatively email, stating your name, organisation and why you would like to join – including what services you are interested in.

All organisations must be based in South Gloucestershire in order to be eligible for this project.

  • Please insert your name as follows: First Last
  • Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey. Please press the submit button below to send us your response. Any personal information that you have supplied will be held by South Gloucestershire Council in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This information will only be used as part of this exercise and personal information will not be published or passed on to any other organisation.

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