Major Updates

What do you *really* want this Christmas? More stuff? How about better health and fitness?

This advent we’re challenging you to gift yourself with 30 minutes of a physical activity you enjoy.

Each day we’ll be posting inspiring content, and Santa has given us some great prizes as an extra incentive, so we’ll be dangling these shiny carrots in front of you to keep you going.

The rules:
Live or work in the West of England
Do 30 minutes of a physical activity you enjoy every day over the advent period

There are a number of ways you can take part:

Take part on the website:
1. Download the #ActiveAdvent challenge sheet and save it to your computer (it won’t work if you don’t)
2. Record your activity in the form each day
3. At the end of the challenge, complete the form and press submit

Take part on social media:
Share your photos and tell us how you are getting on Facebook or Twitter using the #ActiveAdvent hashtag

Note from Santa: No cheating, or yule be sorry. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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