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Each year, the local authorities in the West of England (Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City Council, North Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council) provide a travel to work survey, to get a wider picture of travel to work across the West of England area.

The survey is available for organisations with more than 50 staff and is provided free of charge.

The online survey will be available between Monday 13 and Friday 17 March and will take staff approximately three to four minutes to complete. Paper copies can be made available for staff without access to a computer.

The survey includes simple questions on how staff travelled to/from work on that day, and how they normally travel. It also asks how satisfied they are with their journeys and some basic information on when and where they are travelling.

Taking part in this annual travel to work survey can help a business to:

  • keep an accurate record of how staff travel to work – useful for travel plans and reporting
  • identify and address issues around how your staff get to work
  • manage your staff car parking and support sustainable travel to work which in turn helps reduce congestion and improve air quality
  • monitor your company travel trends year on year, provided you participate every year.

The findings will be used to attract new investment for transport in the area and will also help target spending on key infrastructure and in new public transport services.

After the survey, businesses will be provided with a full breakdown of results if you received responses from 30+ members of staff. The councils will also circulate an overall analysis for the whole area for comparison. Individuals and organisations will remain anonymous.

To find out more about the survey please watch a 90-second video available at: https://travelwest.info/businesses/additional-information/survey.

To participate in the survey, please fill in the registration form at: www.travelwest.info/surveyregistration  by Friday 24 February.

Once a business has registered, the survey link will be sent to them by Monday 27 February to ensure the survey is accessible through company IT systems. A range of materials to help promote the survey to employees will also be sent to them.

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