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Major Updates

Playing Out began in 2009 as a small, neighbour-led project enabling children to play out on a street in Bristol. The idea grew and soon interest from communities all over Bristol outstripped their capacity to respond.


Organising street play in Bristol was not always straightforward. Some residents were not supportive and raised objections, while others lacked the confidence to run sessions themselves.  Also, many people found the process required to temporarily close a street for a play session a bit daunting.

Applying for the grant

The aims of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF), especially the community and streets focus, were well matched to those of the Playing Out project. So, with help from the LSTF community engagement team in Bristol, they successfully applied for a grant to take their idea to all 14 Neighbourhood Partnership areas. 

Spreading the word

With grant funding, they were able to better support resident-led street play sessions, by running workshops for parents and residents and by providing free resources and advice. It allowed them to employ a part-time project officer to publicise the project and supply streets with materials and equipment.

Support and collaboration

Information was shared and joint events planned with LSTF community officers; also, they worked with LSTF schools officers to run activities for teachers, parents and pupils. Links were made with other organisations through the project, and events planned to bring together street organisers from across the city.  Together, they’ve demonstrated that people can organise their own street-play sessions and they continue to work with Bristol City Council teams to ensure that all areas of Bristol benefit.

“We found the process quite easy and the monitoring relatively straightforward.  It’s been reassuring to know that someone is always there

at the end of the phone.”

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