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Major Updates

Introducing, Traffic Choices, a new website that provides useful information about traffic schemes available to communities in Bristol. It provides local residents with all the information they need to have a say in how they think traffic should be managed.

Resources include:

  • A handy directory of the traffic schemes – from zebra crossings and chicanes to Community Speed Watch schemes
  • Examples and a map showing road accidents in Bristol over the last three years
  • Clear summaries of the possible traffic schemes
  • Costs, advantages, disadvantages and what the research says about the effectiveness of different schemes

The website has been built by James Coleman, a research associate at the University of the West of England, in conjunction with the Highways and Neighbourhoods teams at Bristol City Council.

It contains valuable information that will inform Bristol’s Neighbourhood Partnerships and help them decide how to spend their traffic budgets.

So what are you waiting for?  Get involved with your local community group and use the information on Traffic Choices to help you have your say!

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