Residents of Eldon Terrace gathered on their street on Saturday, 5th November, to celebrate having their bike hangar installed 9 months ago.

The bike hangar takes up the space of a small car and can take up to 6 bikes. It was designed to provide secure bike parking in areas where the community might not have accessible space to store their bikes inside their homes.

Bristol’s Lord Mayor, Cllr Clare Campion-Smith, also attended the event. Cycling activities, like Spin Painting and Smoothie Bike, were provided on the day by the APE Project.

More money is available as part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, which awarded Eldon Terrace Residents’ Group the¬†Community Grant necessary to install the bike hangar at Eldon Terrace.

Since this first hangar was installed communities from around Bristol have shown interest in having one installed on their street, and Bristol City Council currently has 35 requests from across the city requesting a grant to build their own bike hangar.

If you are looking to get a hangar for your community you can send your contact details through the “Contact Us” section of¬†

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