Ready for Winter: salt storage now at record capacity

The salt storage facilites run by Bath & North East Somerset are now at record capacity with some 2,300 tonnes ready for spreading.

Over 38% of the road network is salted by the Council, supplemented with over 400 grit bins also available for the public.

In the event of snowfall the Council redeploys staff with snow clearing and can operate the nine-strong fleet of gritting vehicles around the clock.

Councillor Caroline Roberts (Lib-Dem, Newbridge), Cabinet Member for Transport, said, “For the past few months, Bath & North East Somerset Council has been busy preparing for a harsh winter. Our increased salt storage means our gritting on prioritised routes can continue for longer.

“We’re also very grateful to members of the Council’s Snow Warden Scheme, the initiative encouraging people to volunteer to help clear snow and ice the Council can’t get to.”

Kelvin Packer, Council Group Manager for Highways and Traffic, said, “We are able to maximise our salt supply by regularly turning it over in the barn to maintain its shelf life, as well as moving our emergency supply into the barn before it deteriorates and using calibrated spreaders on the gritting machines to ensure not a grain is wasted.

“We are monitoring the weather forecast 24 hours a day using real time data from two weather stations. We also obtain detailed forecasts from a specialist supplier of weather information about the likely effect on road conditions. The Council is well prepared to ensure our priority routes are gritted so that people can get around the road network as safely as possible.”

Read the full story at Bath & North East Somerset Council’s website

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