Bristol's Residents' Parking Scheme programme to finish in the New Year.

The Spike Island Residents’ Parking Scheme launch on 4 January 2016 will mark the end of the current programme of the Residents’ Parking Scheme in Bristol. The council has announced that it has no plans to extend the current programme as it has been decided that residents need more time to get used to the scheme.

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, said: “The feedback we’re getting is that parking becomes much easier in the residents’ parking zones. For instance, in our two year review of the Kingsdown RPS, over three quarters of respondents said the scheme made a positive difference to the area.

“Even in its reduced form the RPS is undoubtedly improving the local environment as well as helping to encourage a switch to public and active transport.

“As I suspected would happen, the strongest representation I now get is from some of the areas that asked to be left out of the scheme pleading to come back in.

“I am asking local councillors and neighbourhood partnerships to give me their views before reconsidering an extension to the scheme.”

Feedback is welcomed from residents both inside and outside the current RPS areas.  You can send your views by emailing

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