Award-winning partnership reduces disruption caused by roadworks

Bristol City Council's established the partnership Bristol Code of Conduct for Streetworks and Roadworks with Bristol Water, Wessex Water, Wales and West Utilities and Western Power Distribution in January 2014. The code goes over and above the existing legislation. It also involves sharing of plans and coordinated improvements.

This partnership has won the Minimise Disruption (Partnership) accolade at the National Joint Utilities Group Awards in Westminster, London, earlier this month, in recognition for the results it is achieving in helping to minimise disruption to road users and pedestrians.

Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson said:

Keeping Bristol’s streets moving is a challenge when we are faced with tens of thousands of commuters navigating our roads every day. Roadworks are an understandable irritation to both bus users and car drivers and it is crucial we minimise the disruption of roadworks as much as possible. That is why we have been liaising with utilities in the city to improve planning and coordination and encourage them to work at the same or similar locations together to avoid lengthy, consecutive programmes.

We have to accept that essential works will happen from time to time if we want to continue to receive superfast broadband, clean water, safe sanitation and power to our homes. The city has witnessed a significant amount of utility work on our roads this year and it’s encouraging that through partnership working we’ve been able to limit the times our highways are occupied by works, recognising that to some road users it will always seem too frequent.

Read the full story at Bristol City Council’s website

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