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Major Updates

RATP Dev, publicly announced the closure of its shared ride-to-work service Slide Bristol on 26 November 2018

Coralie Triadou, Microtransit Director at RATP Dev, said: “Slide Bristol was the first microtransit service to be launched in the United Kingdom, and we are proud to have worked with the local community to provide this service to its commuters. Slide has proved to be extremely popular, covering more than 210,000 kilometers over a two-year period and receiving an average 4.9 out of 5 rating from customers for its drivers and service.

“Our experience in Bristol has shown us that Microtransit services in large city centres can only operate smoothly when they are fully integrated with the public transport network, and this is where we want to focus our efforts. As these conditions became challenging to meet in Bristol and with increased competition from two new Metrobus Rapid Transit routes, we decided to end the service.”

 “We are proud to have transformed what was initially planned as a short pilot project into a full two-year operation and remain committed to investing in microtransit services and in developing new creative transport solutions which benefit commuters throughout the UK and beyond.”

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