Journey Planner Users' Feedback

Welcome to the new Travelwest journey planner!

We have been collecting valuable feedback over the last 24 months. Based on your comments we have made the following enhancements to help you plan your journey.

New features include:

  • Simplified look and feel
  • Increased number of integrated multi-modal transport options (car/train – car/park & ride – bike hire (YoBike / NextBike) – Car Club bays
  • Live bus and train info
  • Multi-platform compatibility – mobile, desktop and tablet

Please be aware that both the travelwest website and online tools are optimised for most recent browsers and may not work correctly in older versions.

Your feedback is important to us to help us make further improvements and monitor user satisfaction.

Therefore, please get in touch to report any issues.

Best performing browser versions

Best performing browser versions:


3 major releases back of major browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox


3 major releases back of major browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer

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