Major Updates

Reducing congestion

The South Bristol Link opened in January 2017.

It is expected to reduce traffic on unsuitable residential roads by providing motorists with an alternative route to the A370 and A38.

Traffic is expected to dramatically reduce on the roads which currently link the residential areas of South Bristol to Winterstoke Road and to the city centre via Bedminster. These roads include Whitchurch Road, Bishopsworth Road, South Liberty Lane, Kings Head Lane and Highridge Green.

Brookgate junction now open, May 2017

A new junction that connects the Brookgate trading estate to the South Bristol Link has opened.

The new junction will remove traffic away from unsuitable residential roads, including South Liberty Lane, by providing businesses located on the Brookgate trading estate with a direct link to the A370 and A38.

Thejunction has been designed to reduce the number of HGVs using Winterstoke Road and the part of South Liberty Lane that is closest to Winterstoke Road. Previously, HGVs could only access the Ashton Vale industrial estate either by the narrow signal controlled railway bridge on South Liberty Lane or the height restricted under bridge on Ashton Drive.

Fact sheets

Find out more about the South Bristol Link and how it was built.

921 Santas cycle the South Bristol Link

921 Santas cycled along the South Bristol Link before it opened to motorists in December 2016. Caring in Bristol, a local charity that look after homeless and vulnerable people in Bristol were collecting donations on the ride. Their volunteer-led projects include recruiting hosts for young and vulnerable people over the festive period.

Watch the Santa Ride video

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