Major Updates

New city centre road layout

In April we opened a new road link between Baldwin Street and St Augustine’s Parade changed how traffic moves through the city centre.

The changes have been designed to simplify traffic flows for motorists, reduce congestion and create more space for public transport, pedestrians and cyclists.

The changes have :

  • Simplified the layout of the city centre;
  • Made the key traffic movement from Anchor Road/Park Street to Baldwin Street more direct;
  • Reduced the overall number of traffic movements through the centre, enabling it to draw traffic from other congested routes when necessary, relieving pressure on the city network;
  • Diverted through-traffic to more suitable routes;
  • Created simplified, largely segregated routes for buses, pedestrians and cyclists.

The previous city centre layout with the scissors junction and circulatory system meant that the city centre was prone to locking up when incidents occurred or when traffic volumes become heavy. This caused traffic problems in other parts of the city and led to widespread congestion.

Alternative routes for motorists

Following the change to traffic routes on 2 April, some drivers will need to find alternative routes around the city centre. There are a number of routes available, including Temple Way, The Pithay, Union Street, Broad Weir/Newgate and Fairfax Street.

Pedestrian crossings

Additional pedestrian crossings will be installed in the city as the construction works progress.

The final city centre layout will include the following additional pedestrian crossing that are not yet in place:

  • Colston Avenue East, near Baldwin Street – to be installed May 2017
  • Colston Avenue West, near Colston Tower – to be installed May/June 2017
  • Colston Avenue West, near Zed Ally – to be installed September 2017

New cycling route

The final city centre design will include a dedicated cycle route through the central zone. This new route will link with the existing cycle lanes at both ends and mean greater segregation of pedestrians and cyclists through the Centre. Work for the new cycle route will be completed by the summer.

View a plan of the new city centre layout

Changes to bus stops

Due to the new road layout, some of the buses which cross the centre are changing their stopping arrangements. The new bus stop arrangements will be in place from 5pm on Sunday 2 April.

Watch our video that explains the new traffic flows in the city centre

City centre image gallery

This gallery shows artists' impressions of the MetroBus improvements to Bristol city centre.

Click the largest image to view at full size.

The contractor

The contractor for the city centre works is North Midland Construction.

Queries about the city centre works can be directed to North Midland Construction on 03330 143 582.

The contractor has set up a website to provide up to date information on the construction works. A link can be found below.

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