Hartcliffe Way: one-way restriction and diversion routes

A one-way system is currently in place on Hartcliffe Way whilst we build a new bus lane. The one-way system will be removed when construction is finished in Autumn 2017.

  • Light vehicles, buses and HGVs travelling inbound (north) can use Hartcliffe Way as normal.
  • Light vehicles travelling outbound (south) are diverted along Novers Hill and Novers Lane.
  • Heavy Goods Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes travelling outbound (south) are diverted from the Parson Street/Bedminster Road gyratory to the A38 Bedminster Down Road, Bishopsworth Road, Church Road, Whitchurch Road, Whitchurch Lane, and Hengrove Way.
  • All vehicles have the option of using the new South Bristol Link as an alternative route.
  • Cyclists are able to use Hartcliffe Way in both directions with some minor disruptions.
  • Buses are permitted to travel along Hartcliffe Way outbound (south) to reach Vale Lane and travel onwards via Headley Lane.
  • Vehicles are be permitted to travel along Hartcliffe Way outbound (south) to access the businesses on Vale Lane. A bus gate will turn these vehicles back onto Hartcliffe Way at the southern end of Vale Lane.
  • While the Hartcliffe Way one-way restriction is in operation, Novers Hill is one-way outbound (south) from the entrance to the Novers Hill Trading Estate to Novers Road.

Hartcliffe Way - Route diversion map

Click below to view a plan of the Hartcliffe Way temporary one-way restriction and diversion.

About the Hartcliffe Way improvement works

The following works are being carried on Hartcliffe Way and Parson Street as part of the MetroBus project.

  • Widening Hartcliffe Way to construct new bus lanes. A new inbound bus lane is being constructed at the northern end of Hartcliffe Way and an outbound bus lane the southern end which will benefit all bus services and improve journey times.
  • Widening Hartcliffe Way and Parson Street to extend the two-lane merge from Bedminster Road and improve southbound traffic flows. This will help to reduce congestion in the area.
  • Remodelling and improving traffic flows at the junction of Parson Street and Hartcliffe Way, with new traffic signals and the removal of the right turn from Hartcliffe Way into Parson Street which will increase capacity for traffic.
  • Relocating the pedestrian crossing on Parson Street near Highbury Road to the new junction.
  • Removing and replanting trees and hedgerows along the route.
  • Providing an improved north-south link that will give residents better access to Cribbs Causeway and Aztec West in the north and the Hospital and facilities at Hengrove Park in the south.

Pedestrian crossing and Highbury Road consultation

Last autumn we held a series of drop in sessions for local residents and businesses to discuss the one way restriction and diversion routes. During this process a number of concerns were raised about the potential impact of the works. These concerns included the relocation of a pedestrian crossing, the safety of school children crossing local roads, and the volume and speed of traffic on Highbury Road.

Following meetings with the school and residents we have proposed a number of options to address these concerns. These include creating a crossing point for school children across the entrance to Highbury Road, introducing traffic calming measures along Highbury Road, and restricting some vehicle turning movements to reduce traffic volumes.

We are currently consulting with residents of Highbury Road about these options. Residents’ comments will be used to inform the final decision on which options to take forward. The selected option will be introduced as part of the MetroBus works due to be carried out on Hartcliffe Way and Parson Street during 2017.

Click below to a view plan of the MetroBus works in Hartcliffe Way and Parson Street.

Access to Vale Lane businesses

While the Hartcliffe Way one-way restriction is in place, customers and delivery vehicles can still access Vale Lane businesses from Hartcliffe Way (southbound).

For the duration of the MetroBus works, Vale Lane is one-way (southbound) only, from Parson Street towards Headley Park. A No-Parking restriction is now in force on both sides of Vale Lane. These restrictions will stay in place for approximately 10 months.

Changes to the diversion as a result of public engagement (November 2016)

Following engagement with residents and businesses we’ve listened and made a number of changes to the diversion route advertised in October 2016. The key changes are detailed below.

  • HGVs will now be able to travel northbound on Hartcliffe Way, with the Bishopsworth Road diversion route used for southbound HGVs only. This change will significantly reduce the number of HGVs using the diversion route. The South Bristol Link provides an alternative route option for all traffic, further reducing the volume of traffic on the diversion route.
  • Safety measures including a footway and safety barriers will be installed on sections of Novers Hill where there is currently no pavement. Additional measures to improve the safety of children crossing to local schools will also be introduced following discussions with local businesses, residents, schools and councillors.
  • The one-way restriction on Novers Hill will be reduced in distance to lessen the impact on the trading estates.
  • Fire engines will be permitted to travel along Hartcliffe Way in both directions.
  • Options to reduce the impact on Highbury Road, including school children crossing the road, are currently under consultation. More information on this is provided below.

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