Major Updates

MetroBus contractors GRAHAM Construction are currently working in Stoke Park to install additional drainage for the new slip road for MetroBus bus-only junction on the M32.

Part of GRAHAM Construction’s works include scrub clearance to improve the drainage beneath the park so that run-off is better managed in the longer-term.

This work was part of the original MetroBus planning application which was approved by councillors in September 2014.

Protecting habitats

GRAHAM Construction are working with an ecologist who is on site for the duration of their works to make sure animal habitats are protected.

A site investigation carried out by ecological advisors before the MetroBus works started found no signs of badger activity, no reptiles and amphibians, no bird nests and no invasive species.

Vegetation clearance works affecting potential bird nesting habitat has been undertaken under the supervision of the on-site ecologist.

Stoke Park Management Plan

MetroBus and GRAHAM Construction are working closely with the Stoke Park Management Team to ensure that the MetroBus works assist with their long-term plans for the park.

In accordance with the Stoke Park Conservation Management Plan, MetroBus are replacing the scrubland with a grassland mix to re-establish the historic grassland habitat and enhance species richness.

The replacement planting that MetroBus is doing will leave the park in a much more improved state than it was under the scrubland.

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