Stoke Lane & Coldharbour Lane

Extensive work is taking place on Stoke Lane and Coldharbour Lane to improve bus priority in preparation for the start of MetroBus services. MetroBus will provide fast and direct services to the city centre, the University of the West of England, Bristol Parkway and Cribbs Causeway.

The improvements will create a new bus lane connecting UWE’s new transport hub in the north to the new MetroBus only junction on the M32. This new M32 junction will be accessed via a new spur road close to Stapleton Allotments at the southern end of Stoke Lane near the junction with Frenchay Park Road.

Currently Stoke Lane is two-way, however short term, short distance traffic lights may be required for specific pieces of work.

Improvements for bus services

  • Two new MetroBus stops will be located at the entrance of the new MetroBus-only junction by Stapleton allotments.
  • A new southbound bus lane between Lancelot Road and the Stoke Lane motorway bridge.
  • Bus priority traffic signals.

Improvements for pedestrians and cyclists

  • The shared pedestrian and cycling path on Stoke Lane will be resurfaced.
  • Installing new pedestrian crossings at key locations will improve safety for pedestrians.
  • Making the junction between Stoke Lane and Frenchay Park Road safer.
  • Providing filter lanes to improve the flow of vehicles and cyclists at the junction with Frenchay Park Road.
  • Cyclists will also be able to use the new sections of bus lane on Stoke Lane.

Other improvements

  • The existing stone wall on Stoke Lane will be rebuilt and a new grass verge between the wall and the footpath will be created.
  • New trees and shrubs will be planted along the eastern side of the Stoke Lane to complement and strengthen the existing visual screening and provide continuity of habitat along the length of the road.
  • Scrub will be cleared from the field to the east of Stoke Lane below Simms Hill to allow grass to develop.

Frenchay Park Road Junction

The junction is being remodelled to make it easier for traffic to filter and safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross.

A new spur road is being built adjacent to Stapleton allotments for MetroBus to access the new MetroBus only motorway junction.

Two new MetroBus stops will be built on the spur road

The existing stone wall is being rebuilt.

Stoke Lane Bus Lane

To give southbound buses priority, a new bus lane is being built between Lancelot Road and the Stoke Lane bridge that crosses the M32.

New traffic signals will be placed at the southern end of the bus lane to give all buses priority over other vehicles when they re-join the main carriageway.

Where major earth excavations have had to take place to make room for new bus lane, a large retaining wall has been built to stop the remaining embankment slipping on to the road. This retaining wall is currently being stone faced.

Two new MetroBus stops are being built at the northern end of the bus lane at Stoke Park to accommodate passengers from the new Bovis development


Two new MetroBus stops have been built on Coldharbour Lane north of the UWE roundabout to serve passengers using the Business Park. The stops are waiting for the installation of the new MetroBus shelters and the information points

A new MetroBus stop is being built during the summer months on UWE’s campus as part of their new public transport hub. MetroBus will take just 15 minutes to get from Cabot Circus to the Frenchay campus and will serve the large student population that lives in the city centre.

Road widening has taken place on the southern side of UWE roundabout and a new parking area outside the cemetery has been installed.

View a plan of what we're building on Stoke Lane

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