Major Updates

Buy before you board

Unlike regular bus services, Metrobus is a buy before you board service. Studies have shown that boarding times are up to 75 per cent quicker when passengers buy their ticket before boarding the bus. This means our buses spend less time waiting at bus stops and more time on the move.

MetroBus will operate on a simple zonal fare structure, making it easier to buy tickets. Single journey tickets in a single zone will be priced at £1.50, making it one of the cheapest single journey fares in the country. An all-zone single journey will be priced at £2.50.

All existing First mTickets and paper variants will be accepted on all Metrobus services.

Existing First Bus tickets will be valid for on Metrobus services and can be bought via the free First Bus mTicket app on Android and Apple smartphones.

To make travel easy and seamless, bus users will be able to use the Avonfare ticket on Metrobus and all local bus services (including First, Abus, Stagecoach, Bath Bus Company, Bristol Community Transport and other operators).

Concessionary bus passes will be accepted on all Metrobus services.

Where to buy your ticket


You can buy your ticket from an iPoint. iPoints are the combined ticket and information points at all of our stops.

Our iPoints do not accept cash but you can use a contactless or chip and pin bank card to pay for your ticket.

Pre-bought tickets can be loaded onto a Travelwest smartcard by placing the card on the iPoint reader.

First mTicket

You can use the First mTicket app to travel on Metrobus. You can download the app from the Apple Store or Play Store.

Travelwest smartcard

A Travelwest smartcard is an electronic purse and ticket. You can add money to your smartcard either online or at an iPoint. If you lose your card any money on it will be transferred to a new one. Smartcards are accepted on all local bus services.


You can buy your ticket with cash from any Payzone store. Payzone is an expanding retail network of more than 300 shops and 150 businesses and includes schools, colleges, universities, councils and organisations supporting vulnerable people.

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