Major Updates

The Travelwest Team offer to help you try new ways of getting around.

Please note that all offers are valid until 31st March 2020.

Route planning – if you need to make a new journey, or try a different form of travel, our advisors can help.

Loan Bikes – if you are considering cycling, we can lend you a bike on a short term basis so you can try before you decide to buy (both pedal and electric bikes are available – a refundable deposit is required).

Cycle Training – adult and children’s cycle training is available to give you the skills and confidence on your wheels.  This is bespoke 1:1 training, therefore it is suitable for everyone from experienced cyclists to those who want to learn to ride.

Accompanied ride – we can map out a journey and accompany you on the route to help you gain confidence getting to and from a destination.

Dr Bike – if you already have a bike, but it needs some attention to get it running smoothly again, our mechanics can give it a once over. They can also provide help and advice on repairs and cycle maintenance.

Bus Tickets – if you haven’t used a bus for a while, we have a range of FREE bus tickets that have been gifted to us by First Bus.

Car Sharing – we can help you find a car sharing buddy.

Motorcycle Training – if you want to get around on two wheels we can provide training to help you gain skills and confidence.

Bus buddy service – if you’re not familiar with your route. A travel adviser can arrange to go with you the first time you make your journey.



For all enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us

Email: transport.policy@southglos.gov.uk

Phone:  01454 863938

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