Bath & North East Somerset Council considers trial of on-street electric vehicle charging cable channels

A decision on whether to run a trial of on-street cable channels that would enable residents to charge electric vehicles safely from their homes is going before a Bath & North Somerset Council cabinet member.

A report on the proposed 18-month trial which would allow residents with no off-street parking to charge vehicles from their home energy supply is being considered by Councillor Sarah Warren, deputy leader and cabinet member for Climate and Sustainable Travel.

Councillor Warren is being recommended to approve the trial of three different charging cable channels which would be installed within the footway, offering residents an alternative to trailing cables across the pavement, which is prohibited and causes accessibility issues.

The new cable channel products would be trialled with 60 participants to:

  • identify if they are acceptable
  • provide an alternative to dangerous trailing cables
  • inform a future offer for residents to apply for a cable channel

Currently residents can charge electric vehicles at public off-street chargers, including those in council car parks, but there is no provision for on-street charging.

The report going before Councillor Warren for a single member decision can be viewed on the Weekly List.

With more and more people choosing the greener option of an electric vehicle, there is a growing issue in areas where there is no off-street parking. Cables trailing across the pavement present a trip hazard as well as a risk of damage to people’s cables. We are always considering ways to make electric vehicle charging more convenient for people, so I will be reviewing the merits of this trial carefully when making my decision on whether it should proceed.

We also plan to look at the viability of other ways to improve EV charging, such as providing lamp post charging and on street charging hubs, because we recognise that on-street cable channels would only be viable for certain people whose property and pavement access route allows.

However, we also recognise that a switch to electric vehicles alone will not achieve the carbon emission reductions that we need to see to hit net zero, which is why we have invested in active travel routes across the district to make cycling and walking a more convenient option for more people.

Councillor Sarah Warren

If the trial is approved, the council would then provide further information on how people can take part in the scheme.

Revive and PodPoint charging networks can be found in council car parks and Park and Ride locations. There is also a growing network of community-based charge points. Please visit the council’s Charging your electric vehicle page for more information.

Press release by Bath & North East Somerset Council.