Bristol City Council to apply for powers to improve safety on local roads

This autumn Bristol City Council is applying for the power to enforce traffic regulations in problem areas across the city and is asking for views on six initial locations.

Following a change in legislation on 31 May, councils can apply to the Department for Transport to have moving traffic enforcement powers.

Up to now the police have been responsible for traffic law enforcement on local roads, but the council is keen to take on the civil enforcement of moving traffic offences on selected roads so it can focus on areas of concern.

Traffic cameras would be used to enforce highway restrictions, such as driving through a no entry sign, making a banned turn, or going down a one-way street in the wrong direction.

The council is suggesting six locations that have a history of traffic offences, complaints and damage by vehicles to the street. They include:

  • Hockey’s Lane and Fishponds Road junction in Fishponds
  • King George’s Road and Queen’s Road junction in Withywood
  • Lower Redland Road between Elgin Park and Exeter Buildings in Redland
  • Furber Road between Raeburn Road and St Anne’s Road in St George
  • Bath Bridge roundabout and Cattle Market Road junction
  • Hareclive Road and Anton Bantock Way junction in Hartcliffe ­

I am really pleased we are taking the step to apply for new powers to tackle traffic offences.

Issuing penalty charge notices will help enforce the rules of the road, making our streets safer and less congested as a result.

We’re asking people who live in or travel through these areas if they agree that we should apply these new powers in these six locations.

Councillor Don Alexander, Cabinet Member for Transport

The consultation will run from 20 September to 1 November 2022.

Find out more and have your say online.

Press release by Bristol City Council.