Consultation on amendments to Banwell bypass mitigation measures

North Somerset Council is asking for feedback on amendments to a small number of mitigation measures proposed as part of the Banwell bypass planning application.

The amendments follow recommendations from statutory consultees who commented on the overall bypass planning application submitted in July 2022.

The revisions include changing the extent of 20mph zones to combine them with additional traffic calming features, as well as an additional 7.7 hectares of land for measures to protect local bat species.

While there are no changes to the expected traffic and environmental impacts of the bypass, it is hoped that the suggested amendments will help to reduce those impacts more effectively. Other changes include an amendment to planning application boundary and updates to the Environmental Impact Assessment to reflect these changes.

In total, there are 13 proposed updates to the 64 traffic mitigation measures set out in the full planning application. A further 23 traffic mitigations have also been added to the proposals.

On more complex schemes such as the Banwell bypass, it is not unusual for applicants to submit minor amendments to planning applications while the planners continue to independently review proposals.

The amended proposals can be found on the North Somerset Council website at using the planning application reference 22/P/1768/R3EIA. Consultation on these features is open until 28 January.

A decision on the planning application is expected in early 2023. To read more about the Banwell bypass visit

Press release by North Somerset Council.