Improving Bristol Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists

Construction work to make travelling across Bristol Bridge easier will get underway from 12 June.

Since the bus gate was introduced in 2020, which restricts general traffic and prioritises buses, the road layout and traffic signals on Bristol Bridge are no longer appropriate with the reduced traffic flow.

Plans for Bristol Bridge were shared as part the A37/A4018 strategic corridor project that set out detailed designs for how the number 2 bus route could be improved for buses, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Plans for the A37/A4018 are being progressed, but in the meantime, because the old traffic signals on Bristol Bridge are coming towards the end of their serviceable life, plans to remove them and make a series of improvements have been brought forward.

The £1.4 million Bristol Bridge project includes:

  • removing the traffic signals and installing a parallel crossing for pedestrians and cyclists linking Castle Park to Baldwin Street and installing a new zebra crossing across Baldwin Street
  • installing a two-way segregated cycle way on the west side of the bridge, which could link in with proposals for a segregated cycle way on Victoria Street
  • installing a bus shelter on Baldwin Street
  • improving the public realm on Baldwin Street and Castle Park either side of the new parallel crossing

Construction work will start in June and be finished in October. The project is being funded via the West of England Combined Authority using the Transforming Cities Fund and the City Region Sustainable Transport Settlement.

Bristol Bridge will remain open throughout the works, except for limited night time closures towards the end of the project to resurface the road.

Temporary pedestrian crossings will be in use throughout the works.

Press release by Bristol City Council.