Major road improvements to begin at Bedminster Green

Sustainability in Bedminster is to be given a major boost as works to install low-carbon heating and better public transport routes begin.

Map of improvements works in Bedminster Green showing Malago Road/Dalby Avenue closed. One way southbound at Malago Road and Dalby Avenue. No entry to Malago Road from Sheene Road and St John's Road junction. Buses continue to use East Street towards city centre. All bus services using East Street and Malago Road are unaffected by works.

As part of the regeneration of Bedminster Green, works will begin to install District Heat Network pipework and to improve public transport, walking and cycling connections along Malago Road/Dalby Avenue (A38) on 10 January.

The regeneration of Bedminster Green is a significant opportunity to create a thriving community, with much-needed new homes and enhanced public spaces.

Installation of sustainable heating and travel routes mark some of the first steps in the transformation of the area.

The works will include the installation of District Heat Network pipes.

This highly insulated pipework, which is built within the roads, will export heat from sustainable generation sources to homes and businesses in the area, contributing to the council’s ambitious strategy to make Bristol a carbon neutral city by 2030.

In 2020 local people were asked their opinion on early proposals to make public transport, walking and cycling easier, with detailed proposals formally consulted on in early 2021. 

The council’s plans were well supported by local people and include:   

  • A new continuous bus lane along Malago Road/Dalby Avenue (A38)  
  • Upgraded pedestrian and cycle crossings, and new and improved cycle lanes   
  • Fully resurfacing all roads and footways, and refurbishing the junction of Sheene Road and Malago Road at the same time, to minimise disruption from maintenance in future  

There will also be improvements to public spaces, including wider footpaths and planting of trees to support wildlife.

The extensive travel and heating improvement works are expected to be in place until Summer 2024. Once these have been complete, improvements to Whitehouse Lane will take place. 

In order to greatly reduce the time, cost and disruption of the work, the council will be retaining one system of traffic management throughout. 

The following changes will be in place from January 2022: 

  • Malago Road/Dalby Avenue (A38) will be one-way southbound only (from the East Street/Dalby Avenue junction to the Malago Road/Sheene Road junction). 
  • Access from Dean Lane onto Coronation Road will be restricted to prevent additional traffic using Dean Lane. Cycle access will not be affected. 
  • Road closure on St John’s Road temporarily removed (southbound only) to allow diversion route to Malago Trade Park. 
  • Hereford Street car park will remain in use.

Protecting bus routes while the works take place has been a priority for the council. By using this one-way system, buses in and out of the city centre will be unaffected.

East Street will remain open for northbound bus services and buses out of the centre will still be able to use Malago Road/Dalby Avenue going south.

The Bedminster Green project also includes restoring the River Malago, bringing it above ground and improving the greenspace at the heart of the area. This will help to boost biodiversity and reduce flood risk, as well as creating a new high-quality space for people to enjoy. More detail on plans for the river restoration will be shared in 2022.

Developers on the five plots of land within the regeneration area will also be progressing plans in the coming months.  

These sustainable travel and heating improvements are exciting steps in the transformation of Bedminster Green into an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon neighbourhood. The wider regeneration project is a significant opportunity to bring the new and affordable homes we need to the city in a way that responds to the climate and ecological emergencies. Alongside making it easier to travel and heat homes more sustainably, the restoration of the River Malago will bring ecological net gains to the area, helping improve the local environment for residents and wildlife alike.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol

You can find out more about the project and changes to traffic routes by visiting the Bedminster Green regeneration page.

Press release by Bristol City Council.