Nationwide scheme to boost disabled people’s confidence in train travel

All of Britain’s rail companies are now recognising Sunflower lanyards and cards so that passengers with non-visible disabilities can travel with extra confidence. The move coincides with the expected lifting of restrictions on people shielding next week.

All train operators and Network Rail are now signed up to the Sunflower scheme, designed to enable people with non-visible disabilities to discreetly let others know that they might require a little more time, support or assistance. It comes as ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ people, some of whom may wish to use the Sunflower lanyards and cards, are expected to no longer be asked to shield and so may be considering taking the train.

Every operator across England, Scotland and Wales will recognise the Sunflower symbol for non-visible disabilities, with staff being trained to identify it when people choose to wear a lanyard or show a card.

The Sunflower is a subtle but visible sign to rail staff that the wearer may need extra help or time on their journey. While people needing assistance are not required to wear a lanyard or carry a card, the scheme can provide people who wish to use it with extra reassurance.

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