Operational note: Gaol Ferry Bridge restoration works update

Preliminary works to Gaol Ferry Bridge started as planned in June while the bridge was still open so engineers could assess the essential structural repairs needed.

This is a complex project which is presenting challenges from the outset. The main contractors, Griffiths, has already discovered the Bridge might not cope under the extra weight of proposed supporting scaffolding.

This, and other complexities, mean the planned closure of the bridge and the majority of works have had to be deferred over the summer months so a revised plan can be developed.

The new plan must be approved by an independent design specialist to make sure it is safe for the team of workers and their plant and equipment, and for the overall structure of the bridge. Until the plan is approved, we are unable to confirm the date the bridge will close.

Bristol City Council reiterate their commitment to give at least two weeks’ notice before closing Gaol Ferry Bridge, keeping residents and local businesses updated, and will do their best to complete the works as quickly as possible.

Press release by Bristol City Council.