Safe route to school preserved in Clevedon

An area in Clevedon is now a designated pedestrian and cycling zone during the day in a bid to create a safe route to a primary school.

In June 2020 North Somerset Council made temporary changes to access on All Saint’s Lane in Clevedon to help families to socially distance while walking to All Saints Primary school.

These measures have now been upgraded to stop commuters from cutting through this narrow residential street and allow families to walk safely with adequate space.

The issues with commuting traffic were also combined with parking problems increasing the need for more space for walking. 

In order to create a safe route and allow for social distancing All Saint’s Lane and Carey’s Close have now been designated as a pedestrian and cycle zone between 8am and 4pm. 

This means that motor vehicle access (including parents transporting children to school) is prohibited at either end of All Saint’s Lane during school hours.

Roads around schools are often busy and this can cause problems for those walking and cycling. We have monitored the situation in All Saints Lane and introduced this scheme in order to make space for people to make this essential journey safely.

Cllr James Tonkin, North Somerset Council’s executive member for transport

Press release by North Somerset Council.