Bath Transportation Package

The Bath Transportation Package is a investment of £30 million in transport infrastructure to meet the city’s current and future traffic needs.

Over 50,000 car journeys are made into Bath every day. These journeys cause pollution and congestion that costs the city £50million a year.

Since 2012, Bath & North East Somerset Council have been carrying out a significant upgrade of the transport network through the Bath Transportation Package. The projects have been funded through a combination of Council and Department for Transport and represent £27 million of investment.

Increased Park & Ride capacity

Due to significant demand at the three existing park and ride sites, the total number of spaces was increased from 1,990 to 2,860. In addition to the increase in parking spaces, waiting facilities at all three sites were upgraded.
In October 2012, the Park & Ride fleet operated on behalf of the Council by First was also improved with greener hybrid electric/ diesel vehicles, climate control, Wi-Fi, and leather seats, as well as a 7 day a week service.

Better bus routes

To encourage more people to use public transport, nine main bus routes in and around Bath have seen improvements including:

  • Raised pavements at 375 stops to ease access on and off buses for older disabled people, and those with prams;
  • The addition of 169 electronic Real Time Information displays at busy stops;
  • Complete replacement of existing shelters and the addition of new bus shelters at other popular stops

Improving traffic flows

Variable Message Signs (VMS) have been installed on primary routes into the city at Lansdown, on the A4 at Saltford and the A39 at Corston. More signs are being installed on the A36 and A4 this spring 2016. The signs provide a range of allowing motorists to make informed decisions on their journeys.

A safer pedestrian experience

The Council aims to create a safer and more attractive experience for residents, visitors and business by reducing conflict between vehicles and pedestrians in the main shopping areas. This supports the Council’s ambition to make the City more walk-able. Following a comprehensive consultation process, the Council introduced traffic restrictions on a number of streets.

Further information

Bath Transportation Package – Best and final Bid Download pdf