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Major Updates

Our proposals for St John’s Lane and Wedmore Vale will make it easier and safer to walk and cycle from the city centre towards Knowle and Filwood.

Find out more about the Filwood Quiteway route.



Construction will start on 30/07/18 on elements that were not subject to the TRO.  All premises near to the works will receive a letter providing notice of the works.

In order to safely carry out these works, the contractor will require the use of lane closures using temporary traffic signals. However the use of temporary traffic signals will be minimised where it is safe to do so. Pedestrian diversions will be in place where required. At some areas of the site on street parking will be unavailable during the period that works are taking place at that location.  Road closures will also be required at certain stages of the construction, and these will be advertised in the news section on this page, and on site using road signage.

If you have a driveway adjacent to the route, please be assured access to your property will be maintained throughout the works, although please note there may occasionally be slight delays or short periods when access could be limited. Due to the nature of the work there will be noisy periods but we will endeavor to keep this to a minimum.

We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disruption this work may cause.


All outstanding elements for this project will now be funded by the Early Measures Air Quality Fund, awarded by DEFRA.  The Cycle Ambition Fund has funded all previous development work, and will continue to fund the rest of the ongoing construction work on the Filwood Quietway route.


In February this year, we held a consultation for proposals to create a new walking and cycling route in Wedmore Vale.  We have carefully considered all feedback received and made significant changes to the designs as a result.

For the revised drawings please click here.

The following items have been changed:

Closing the southern arm of Marksbury Rd, where it meets Wedmore Vale

  • This has been dropped due to concerns raised about access on the northern arm of Marksbury Rd, and traffic diverting to Timsbury Rd
  • We are proposing to extend the kerb line slightly at the entrance to Marksbury Rd on the southern arm instead, to encourage slower vehicle speeds

A segregated cycle facility on the pavement along Wedmore Vale

  • Some residents felt this would encourage high cycling speeds on Wedmore Vale, which might be dangerous
  • We are instead proposing a narrower shared use cycling and walking path along Wedmore Vale, with pedestrian priority

Removal of all parking spaces on Wedmore Vale, between St John’s Lane and Glyn Vale

  • Some residents and organisations make use of parking on the road in addition to private parking provision
  • We have therefore retained 20 parking spaces along this section, with 4 additional spaces adjacent at the junction of Wingfield Road
  • Much consideration has been given to the position and quantity of parking spaces in the revised design, and we hope the new proposal is a good balance between the new cycling/walking route and local demand for parking

The previous design had no additional street trees or planting included

  • Street trees have been added to Wedmore Vale, to improve the street space (position and number of trees subject to utilities)

Tarmac (black top) surfacing in the vicinity of crossings over St John’s Lane

  • This has been changed to paving slabs to emphasise that pedestrians have priority over cycles in this area

Turning left or right out of Almorah Rd, near to the new Toucan crossing

  • This has been changed to right out only, due to concerns about road safety

Motor vehicles have priority over pedestrians at the junctions of Raymend Walk and St John’s Crescent

  • These have been modified with advance give way lines and speed tables to instead give priority to pedestrians and cycles

The project will now seek a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). If you would like to comment on the proposals, you can do so through the statutory TRO consultation process.  TROs are advertised locally, in the local press, and online.

For this project, the TRO is expected to be advertised in late 2017 / early 2018, and if successful, the works would start in March 2018.

Revised proposal - computer generated views

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Archived news


Our consultation for St John’s lane and Wedmore Vale closed on 20th February 2017.  We are currently reviewing all feedback received, and we are re-assessing the design.

The most frequent aspects raised were:

  • Removal of parking along Wedmore Vale
  • Lack of priority for pedestrians and cycles over side roads at St John’s Lane
  • The closure of the southern arm of Marksbury Rd (where it meets Wedmore Vale)

We are currently aiming to present revised designs online in early May.


  • Who is funding this work, and why is it taking place?
    This project is funded by the Department for Transport, as part of the Cycle City Ambition Grant programme, announced in November 2014.
  • What does the buffer zone between the shared use path and road consist of? Is it raised or flat?
    The buffer section is dropped to carriageway level outside a driveway (and for the associated splays), and at other times it is a full height kerb.  It consists of a single line of pavers between the kerb and the pedestrian / cycle path.  This is included so that people walking and cycling are a safe distance away from vehicles using the road.
  • Are you proposing to remove the existing puffin crossing near the junction of Wedmore Vale and St John’s Lane?
    We are not proposing any changes to this crossing – our proposals have included this crossing in the designs, and we understand it is an important place for children at the local school to cross the road. The new Toucan crossing at Almorah Rd is an addition to this crossing, included to help people walking and cycling cross a busy road.  It will also provide another nearby crossing point for children at the local school.
  • Will parking restrictions be on both sides of Wedmore Vale?
    We are no longer proposing full parking restrictions along Wedmore Vale, following the consultation process.  At the section between St John's Lane and Wingfield Road, the proposals now include space for at least 20 cars to park, and we believe this matches or exceeds the typical parking demand in the area.  At the junction of Wingfield Rd and Wedmore Vale, an additional four spaces are proposed using space reclaimed from the proposed junction narrowing here.
  • Are you proposing a full closure of Marksbury Road at the junction with Wedmore Vale?
    No.   Our initial proposals included closing the southern southern arm (except cycles), with the northern arm open to all vehicles. Following the consultation, we are now proposing to retain all vehicle access to both arms of Marksbury Road, with an extended kerb line at the entrance to the southern arm instead, to encourage slower vehicle speeds.

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