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Major Updates

We want to make Walking and Cycling routes in Bristol as safe and enjoyable as we can. Whitehouse St will feature a new segregated cycle route, with increased planting and an upgraded footway. The segregated cycle route is an important part of these proposals.

For many people, cycling on the road feels unsafe, so the segregated route provides a dedicated space away from motor vehicles.

Hardy low-level plants will be installed by the carriageway as part of a SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System), and trees will be planted where space and utilities permit.

Find out more about the Filwood Quiteway route.

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Traffic restrictions

During construction, the following restrictions will be in place around Whitehouse St.

Traffic management (alternate north / south movements)28th May until September*
Princess St (junction only) closure9th July until 20th July
New Queen St (junction only) closure September*
Windmill Close (junction only) closureAugust*
*Dates will be refined nearer the closure date

This information will be updated regularly throughout construction.

Last update: 21/06/18.



Construction Works at York Rd and Whitehouse St

On 2nd January, construction works started on York Rd for the Toucan crossing.   The eastbound movement on York Rd between Bedminster Bridge roundabout and Whitehouse St will be closed until 23rd February.

On 26th February, the top end of Whitehouse St between Whitehouse Place and York Rd will be closed for 3 weeks.

The Traffic Regulation Order for Whitehouse St will be sealed on 13th February.  On this date, further information will be published about construction works in Whitehouse St, and this will include further temporary restrictions. A letter will be sent to all premises in the area with full details.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused during this time, and will engage with all those in the area who have specific concerns about access to their premises for HGVs or abnormal loads.

Further restrictions on York Rd are also in place for the Temple Gate project.  See the Temple Gate website for further details.

To contact the Cycle Ambition team during the construction works, email


Due to high levels of development in the city currently, the Traffic Regulation Order has been delayed.  We now expect the Order for Whitehouse St to be advertised and an outcome determined in the fourth quarter of 2017.


Our final proposals for Whitehouse St are now completed.  There has been significant relaxation of the proposed banned turns and movements, which caused concern in the area.

  • We have restored all movements at the junction of Whitehouse St and York Rd.  Concerns were raised about the proposed HGV access along Princess St, and the potential increase in traffic along Princess St.
  • No entries at Whitehouse Place and Princess St have been removed. The majority of through-traffic will now be able to use Whitehouse St, so the no entries are no longer necessary to discourage through-traffic on Whitehouse Place and Princess St.  The No-exit on Spring St will remain to keep through-traffic levels low.
  • Restored access to New Queen St from Whitehouse St.  Concerns were raised from nearby premises about HGV access in this area with the proposed closure of this junction.

Specific HGV access requirement for businesses premises have also been addressed.

To restore movements at the Whitehouse St / York Rd junction, more carriageway space was required, necessitating the removal of a small quantity of parking and planting at the top end of the street (after Whitehouse Place).  Alternative parking is available in nearby Whitehouse Place and William St, and the planting has been re-located further down Whitehouse St.

The project will now seek a Traffic Regulation Order, with an outcome expected in summer 2017.

If successful, construction would commence soon after this is complete.

Please see the new drawings further down this page.


Our consultation for Whitehouse St closed on the 7th October.  We understand there are concerns around the new traffic movements proposed, including:

  • The banned turns at the junction of Whitehouse St and York Rd
  • The no entries at Whitehouse Place and Princess St
  • Specific HGV entry requirements for individual premises

We are currently re-assessing the scheme in light of the above, and will publish the revised design online.  If you emailed us at any stage in the consultation process, you will also receive email updates.

You can view the consultation booklet for the original proposals here.

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