Joint Local Transport Plan

Connecting people and places for a vibrant, inclusive and carbon neutral West of England.

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The Joint Local Transport Plan 4 (JLTP4) – led by the West of England Combined Authority, working with Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire councils – sets out the vision for transport up to 2036. It shows how we will aim to achieve a well-connected sustainable transport network that works for residents across the region; a network that offers greater, realistic travel choices and makes walking, cycling and public transport the natural way to travel. This latest JLTP builds on a draft published and consulted on in 2019, receiving around 4,200 responses over the course of six weeks.


Joint Local Transport Plan 4 Download pdf Consultation report Download pdf Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Non-Technical Summary Download pdf Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Download pdf HRA Screening Report Download pdf SEA mitigations requirements table Download pdf HRA Appropriate Assessment Download pdf

The Full Equalities Impact Assessment and Health Impact Assessment are included as Appendices C & D of the Strategic Environmental Assessment.


Joint Local Transport Plan 3 Download pdf Progress Report 2012 Download pdf Progress report 2013 Download pdf Progress report 2014 Download pdf Progress report 2015 Download pdf Progress report 2016 Download pdf Refresh and supplementary documents Download pdf