Travelwest Smartcards Terms & Conditions

1. General

Use of the Travelwest smartcard is subject  to the following terms and conditions, together with the bus operators conditions of carriage. The card remains the property of the issuers.

2. Conditions of carriage

The smartcard is free and may be ordered from the Travelwest website. Any available  tickets or monetary value, can be added by the customer at the same time as ordering the card.

3. Ticket products

Bristol Park and Ride tickets are only available to Travelwest card holders issued with cards through the Park and Ride. These tickets, and others, will be available to all Travelwest card holders soon.

4. Cashless ticket purchase

The smartcard can also be used to hold monetary value which you can use to pay for individual journeys instead of paying by cash. The smartcard stores its monetary value through the sQuid e-purse function.

5. Adding ticketing products or monitory value

Ticket products or monetary value can be purchased via the Travelwest website. Park and Ride tickets can then be picked up  at ticket collection points located at the Bristol park and ride sites. sQuid Travel Purse value can picked up at the park and ride collection points and on participating buses. Tickets purchase online before 11pm will be available to be picked up by 6am the following day

Smartcards are also available  from Bristol  Tourist Information Centre where  over the counter  tickets purchases  can be   added to your smartcard immediately. Travel purse top-ups can only be undertaken online or on participating buses.

6. Using your smartcard

To pay with your sQuid Travel Purse
Just advise the driver that you are paying by epurse, ask for the ticket you want and then hold your card against the ticket machine.

To use a ticket
If you already have a valid bus ticket on your card, all you have to do is hold your card against the reader.

7. Topping up your smartcard

It is your responsibility to ensure that your Smartcard remains valid for use  by maintaining enough value/ contains the correct ticket to complete your journey. You will need to pay by cash if there is not sufficient  sQuid Travel Purse value or tickets on your card.

8. Smartcard/Ticket expiry

Smartcards will last for 7 years from the date of purchase, after which the card will need to be replaced. Smart tickets are valid for 12 months from purchase, after which any remaining unused trips on that ticket will expire. If this happens, any remaining trips on the smartcard will be permanently invalidated. Unused trips which subsequently expire are not refundable.

9. Registering your smartcard

Your smartcard is not personalised and is therefore transferable between different users travelling at different times. You can protect your card in the eventuality of loss, theft and physical damage, by registering it with your personal details online, via the Travelwest website. Bristol City Council is not liable for any ticket product or value stored on a smartcard that has not been registered.

10. Lost/Stolen/Damage card

If the card has been registered you can report it as lost/stolen/damaged through your Travelwest account where you can also request a replacement. You will also need to log  on to your sQuid account to request remaining balance is transferred to your new card.

It may take up to 48 hours for a lost/stolen card to be cancelled so it cannot be used on a bus. Bristol City Council will not be liable for any travel costs that have been incurred during this time  to  the smartcard owner through loss, theft or damage

If the card is not registered then any remaining tickets or  balance is not protected and will not be able to be recovered.

Customers can also report card loss by telephone by calling 0300 300 0032.

11. Safekeeping and care of smartcards

To ensure smartcard functionality, the user must take care that the card is not:

•abraded, cut, folded or crushed
•placed near strong electric or magnetic fields
•exposed to liquids for extended periods
•exposed to extremes of temperatures
•users are advised not to keep their card in a plastic wallet if they keep in a trouser pocket regularly, as this will remove the surface typeface over time

Smartcards which fail or report malfunctions at the ticket machine can be replaced through the online account or can be returned via post to FREEPOST SWSAL. Provided that the failure or malfunction of the returned card is not deemed to be caused by unreasonable use, a replacement Smartcard will be provided. Bristol City Council will not be liable for travel costs incurred between reporting the defective card and receipt of its replacement. The decision of Bristol City Council in determining reasonable use of the card, or otherwise, is final.

12. Refunds

Refunds are granted only in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Bristol City Council. Refunds must be applied for in writing, stating the reason for the request and with the return of the Smartcard. If granted, a refund will be calculated from date of receipt by the council counting full days/trips remaining or remaining period of validity, less £20 administration fee.

13. Data protection

Any details supplied at registration will be used solely for delivery of the card to the requester. No personal information will be passed to third parties, except as required by law.

Bristol City Council will only use the  information that you have supplied for administration (including development and maintenance of our systems), customer services and research, and detection and prevention of crime.

14. Operation of the scheme

Bristol City Council, as promoter of the smartcard reserves the right to withdraw individual smartcards and the entire park and ride smartcard scheme at any time.

The terms and conditions of the scheme may be amended at any time without prior notice, at the discretion of the council.

Need help?

  • For all issues, including lost or stolen cards
    For all issues, including lost or stolen cards SWSAL helpline 0300 300 0032

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