Major Updates

  • Start: 01/05/19 - Finish: 20/12/19

    Last modified: 13/05/19

From May, Bristol City Council will undertake the final stage of major maintenance works on the A4174. We are using this opportunity to complete the walking and cycling route on Airport Road, between Creswicke Road and Wells Road junctions, improve crossings along the route and add new bus stops. The improvements to sustainable transport been funded by the Local Enterprise Partnership and will provide improved sustainable transport options which are safer and more accessible, and support future housing in the area.

Scheme detail

Improvements to sustainable transport facilities along Airport Road are being undertaken at the same time as road maintenance and enhancement works funded by the Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund. By completing both projects in tandem we hope to minimise disruption for residents and road users. The improvements will include:

  • a 3.5/4m wide shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists
  • 4 new bus stops servicing the 8 and A4 Airport Flyer
  • an improved crossing at Salcombe Road and Cadogan Road
  • a new cycle link to Ilminster Avenue
  • new residential parking spaces
  • new tree planting
  • upgraded informal crossing points.

Scheme programme

Works are scheduled to begin in May 2019 and programmed to be completed by December 2019.

In April,  a number of trees along Airport Road will be removed to allow the highways and sustainable transport improvements to take place. These will be replaced, along with additional trees, early in 2020.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will Salcombe Road and Cadogan Road be closed for?

    Closures are planned in this area for 8 weeks from 24 July until 18 September but we will open the road when possible during breaks in the work. These works are taking place during the summer holidays to minimise disruption.

  • Will bus routes be diverted during the closure?

    Yes, bus routes will be diverted. Service 92 will operate via Hengrove Lane (observing the existing 511 stop approximately 100 metres east of the junction with Cadogan Road), then via Wells Road and Airport Road to Creswicke Road, Throgmorton Road and Salcombe Road. Service 511 will operate via Wells Road and Airport Road, then as above.

  • Why is the work taking place?

    These works will mark the final stage of a major maintenance project along the A4174. The road was identified for improvement by Bristol City Council in 2017. Following a successful bid to the Department for Transport (DfT) the maintenance works will bring it up to current highways standards.

    At the same time, we will be adding an improved footway and cycle route, build safer road crossings and add new bus stops.

    The combined works are aimed at improving the route for all with benefits for people driving, walking, cycling and taking the bus.

  • When will the work take place?

    The work is scheduled to take place between May and December 2019.

  • Why will the work take eight months?

    The scheme is 1km in total and involves widening existing footway to make space for upgraded pedestrian and cycling route. The entire length of Airport Road will also be resurfaced. A number of utilities will be diverted to enable the footway to be widened and crossing upgrades to be made.

  • How will the works improve the road for vehicles?

    The resurfaced road will make journeys smoother and help to reduce noise pollution in the surrounding area. Resurfacing the entire carriageway will also reduce the need for additional isolated maintenance in future.

  • How will this improve my bike journey?

    There will be a new off-road route for cyclists to use. This will be delineated from pedestrians by a white line and repeated pedestrian/cycle logos to indicate which space is for each user.

  • How will my walking route improve?

    The footway on Airport Road is being widened and a cycle lane will be marked to show which space is for sole use of pedestrians. There will also be improved, signal-controlled crossings installed as well as additional informal crossings on Airport Road. This will make journeys safer for all, especially for children travelling to and from school who need to cross this busy road.

  • How will my bus journey change?

    The works will provide additional bus stops on Airport Road with existing bus stops improved and made more accessible.

  • Why are you not installing a segregated cycling lane?

    A fully segregated cycle lane requires more space than what is available on this site. The footway and cycle lane will be marked with a white line to make it clear what area is for pedestrians and the space available for cyclists. This follows best practice from our Shared Use policy.

  • How is the project funded?

    The highways work is funded by the Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund and the improvements to sustainable transport are funded by the West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), which is administered by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA).

  • What will the impact be on my journey?

    During the works there may be delays and disruption on this route. Where possible, contractors have been asked to keep a lane open in each direction. When work doesn’t allow this, there will be temporary lights installed to manage traffic.

    Road closures on Salcombe Road and Cadogan Road will be necessary later this summer for approximately 8 weeks so the new crossing can be built and utilities diverted. We will give as much notice as possible before the closures are put in place and endeavour to keep further disruption to a minimal.

    Overnight closures will also be needed towards to end of the project to allow road re surfacing. We will share further information on this nearer the time.

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