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Step It Up

Whether you work from home or on the 11th floor, this step/distance challenge is open to all. Challenge yourself or your team to step up and climb as high as Brandon Hill, Snowdon, or even Mt Everest! You could win a prize for yourself or Team.

The challenge runs from 10 September to 29 November 2019.

You can take part as an individual or a workplace team/s. (remember only Stairs ramps or physically completing a location counts)

  1. Download the chart
  2. count how many stairs are in a flight or your work stairs (we have used 15 for each box you might need to adjust)
  3. when you hit the milestones sent in to travelwestbusiness@bristol.gov.uk or tag us on social media #stepitup
  • If registering as an individual, team or both please select the appropriate field on short registration form below.
  • if you are joining in a team please put the team name in the registration form below and we will add you to the team sheet.
  • or for team registration you can also email travelwestbusiness@bristol.gov.uk with your workplace, team name and list of members.

If you are in a team your steps can count twice for you as an individual (please download a separate chart) but also on your team chart.

Reach a milestone and claim a prize

Once you complete milestones please email us a pic with Step It Up as the subject to claim your prize:

  • Challenge kit (including tote bag and water bottle) for completing Bridge Valley – by 18 October
  • Reusable coffee cup for completing Scafel pike – by 1 November

Enter Individual prize draws for completing for a chance to win FitBit:

  • Bridge Valley – by 18 October or 29 November
  • Scafel Pike – by 1 November
  • Mont Blanc – by 29 November

Team prize: £250

A team which completes Everest by 29 November will be selected in the prize draw for a £250 Active Breakfast

Social Media

Challenge or encourage each other on social media. Use #StepItUp on Twitter and Facebook

Prize Draws and dates

For any individual completing the range by dates below. Group prize will drawn for any teams completing ‘Everest’ or nearest mountain range.

10 September  Challenge Launch

Fit bit Prize Draws 

18 October: Bridge Valley

1 November:  Scafell Pike

15 November:  Ben Nevis

29 November:  Mont Blanc; Bridge Valley, and the £250  Team Prize

Step it up Registration

Registration is optional but will help us keep you up to date with all useful information and prize draws.

  • First and last name
  • Which best describe how often you use the stairs.
    We will be running individual prize draws for FitBits and a £250* group prize for team/s completing the Everest challenge. *Money is to fund Breakfast/lunch for team participating.
  • If you are in a team please state name and workplace.

StepItUp poster and tick chart

Please print and keep on your desk or hang on wall by lift or stairs to promote.
front page can be used as a stand alone poster.

Step Challenge Privacy Policy

Prize draw Terms and Conditions

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