Major Updates

  • Start: 26/06/17 - Finish: TBC

    Last modified: 07/05/19

23rd April 2019 traffic management change

The next significant change to the Temple Gate traffic management will be installed on the night of Monday 22nd April 2019 (between 19:00 and 06:00) and will be open to traffic from 06:00 on Tuesday 23rd April 2019. This traffic management switch will be as per the final road layout and below plan:



  • Temple Street will remain closed until the end of June 2019 for the completion of District Heating Main (DHM) works.
  • Redcliff Mead Lane footway works will be completed in mid-May 2019, with the road closure being maintained for the DHM installation works to Broughton House.
  • A pedestrian route through the middle of the site is not feasible for the first 10 weeks of the traffic management switch. This will be assessed once in place and works are completed, to identify safe/suitable pedestrian routes through the site.

For further traffic flow details please visit Bristol TempleQuarter.

Ongoing Restrictions and changes to access

Work on the Temple Gate scheme will run from 26 June 2017 until Autumn 2019. The associated construction work will result in changes to how pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles travel through the area.

Cycle restrictions

Due to the reduced road space available during the works, all cycle lanes through the area have been closed. In order to ensure cyclist safety, signs have been erected warning drivers not to overtake cyclists through the works. 

Staying informed

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