We offer FREE sustainable travel advice and support to Businesses in the West of England.

Find out how sustainable transport can benefit your staff and organisation. We are sustainable travel experts  funded by the Department for Transport to increase the number of people walking, cycling, using public transport, and car-sharing. 

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Benefits to your business

  • Employees who regularly cycle or walk are fitter, healthier and take less sick days.

  • Car parking takes up space and is an extra business expense. Ten bicycles can be parked in a single car parking space. Speak to us about our Parking Cost Estimator tool that will show you how much you can save by reducing your car parking provision.

  • Regular commuting cyclists report a greater tolerance of stress, and an enhanced perception of wellbeing and self-confidence. With work-related stress anxiety or depression accounting for over half of all working days lost due to ill health in Great Britain, this benefit cannot be ignored.

  • Time spent in traffic and finding a car parking space is costing businesses time and money.

  • 80% of morning traffic in Bristol city centre relates to commuting, leading to considerable strain on the network, costing the economy over £600m a year.

  • Make a statement and have your business stand out from the crowd.

Join My Journey launches for West of England commuters

Join My Journey is a free online service that matches commuters up from the same workplace to share walking, cycling and car journeys.

Business leaders across Bristol and the West of England are now being encouraged to sign up their companies and organisations to the online platform so their staff can easily share journeys to work.

For anyone who does not work in a large company, there is also the option to join an area hub, where smaller businesses are linked up with others to share journeys to the same area.

Visit joinmyjourney.org.uk to register your organisation or join as an individual.

Cargo Bike

Borrow an Electric Pool Bike – WEST

Could your business switch to use Cargo Bikes?
The Bristol BIDs (Bristol City Centre BID and Redcliffe & Temple BID) have launched an initiative to encourage businesses to switch to receive goods and services by Cargo Bikes.

Free consultancy advice is available to help you switch as well as 50% off your first two months of deliveries.

If your business is interested in purchasing a bike to do deliveries into the city centre, a 50% grant is also available.

More information about the Launch of the scheme can be found on the article from the BID

Information about the scheme can be found here: Bristol Cargo Bikes for Business – Bristol City Centre BID

Key offers

Key offersAvailable in
Workplace Travel Audit

Understand your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in sustainable travel.

Bristol only
Workplace Travel Plan

A travel plan is a range of measures aimed at managing the transport needs of an organisation with the aim to reduce the number of single occupancy car trips.

All areas
Grants & Funding

Local businesses and community organisations may be entitled to match funding or grants for new facilities and initiatives.

All areas
Electric Pool Bikes

The bike can be used for business meetings, trying your commute, and even deliveries.

All areas
Active Travel Champions

Volunteer to become your company’s Active Travel Champion and help friends and colleagues discover how great cycling is.

All areas
Sustainable Travel Roadshow

Our team of expert Travel Advisors will come to your business, and motivate your staff to start and continue travelling sustainably.

All areas
Dr Bike & Maintenance Training Sessions

Dr Bike is an experienced mechanic that will come to your site to check over employees’ bikes, making simple repairs and adjustments to ensure they are in good working order.

Bristol Only

All offers and services

Engagement booklets

For Bristol businesses Download pdf PDF approximately 440.11 K

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For South Gloucestershire businesses Download pdf PDF approximately 296.25 K

This document may not be accessible for people using assistive technology (pre-September 2018). Please contact South Gloucestershire Council if you require assistance.

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