We offer support to businesses that are looking to better understand their workforce’s travel behaviour and establish a travel plan.

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What is a Travel Plan

A travel plan is a range of measures aimed at managing the transport needs of an organisation. Travel plans aim to reduce the number of single occupancy car trips and to increase workplace accessibility by promoting wider travel choices. 

What is a Travel Audit

Available to Bristol businesses only.

An audit is designed to give you a better understanding of your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to sustainable travel. 

With your input we will run a desk-based assessment of how your site currently operates. we’ll then produce a report for your organisation that identifies key areas for improvement. 

This is ideal for businesses that do not have an existing travel plan. It will provide a baseline of where you are now and a guide for where to go next. It can be used to monitor future improvements.

ModeShift Travel Plan accreditation

Currently available to North Somerset businesses only as at January 2021.

ModeShiftSTARS is a nationally recognised travel plan accreditation scheme. If your Local Authority has joined, you are eligible for free ModeShift membership. Your workplace can then work with its local Sustainable Travel Business Engagement Officer to develop and implement best practices by developing and putting into place an active and sustainable travel plan.

If your workplace has a travel plan, much of the free support as described on this site can contribute towards its effectiveness. Examples include encouraging staff to walk or cycle more by providing advice and materials to help them do so; installing free bike stands or covered cycle storage; using a sustainable travel grant to overcome a site-specific barrier to active travel; and promoting participation in active travel challenges.

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