We offer several ways to engage with staff, from individual travel planning to group activities.

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Engage staff with our Travel Roadshow

Our team of expert Travel Advisors will come to your business, and motivate your staff to travel sustainably. 

A typical event involves 2 Travel Advisors coming to your site, setting up a table with interactive games, maps, information, and promotional material.

This service is entirely FREE.

Support for individuals

We offer the following FREE support for individuals:

  • Borrow a bike for free
  • Accompanied ride to work
  • Bus taster tickets
  • Adult cycle training
  • Individual travel planning to work

Stay Active Challenge

Run a challenge within your business to keep your workforce active whilst working from home.

Running a stay active challenge is quick and easy to do, we have created the resources, all you have to do is promote and administer it.

Bristol businesses can apply for small grants to purchase prizes to encourage people to take part.

Several authorities in the region run prize-packed quarterly challenges on the Love to Ride cycling encouragement website and app. Visit Love to Ride or contact your local engagement officer below.

Active Travel Champions

The purpose of the Active Travel Champions project is to get more people walking or cycling to work through peer lead support. By actively promoting sustainable travel, people start to see this behaviour as normal.

We currently have over 250 Active Travel Champions in a range of businesses. From the largest employers in the region, to smaller businesses, across all sectors.

Other offers

We have an array of additional support. Get in touch to find out more about the below and other offers we may have available.

  • join my journey: Journey sharing platform tailored to the business market (relaunching in 2022)
  • Dr Bike sessions: experienced mechanic will come to your site and carry out minor repairs to staff bikes
  • Basic cycle maintenance training: learn how to repair your own bike over a lunch time. Learn about bike safety, punctures, brakes and gears across three separate sessions

Active Breakfasts: Celebrate staff that walk or cycle to work by putting on a breakfast with a small grant from us

Contact us

If you're based in Bath & North East Somerset:

Paul Thompson

If you're based in Bristol:

Business Engagement Team