Dr Bike is an experienced mechanic that will come to your site to check over employees’ bikes, making simple repairs and adjustments to ensure they are in good working order.

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About the Session

  • Sessions typically run from 10am to 2.30pm but can be flexible to fit your business.
  • The mechanic will service around 8 bikes in a session.
  • We recommend booking people into 30-minute slots prior to the session.

Services offered

The Dr Bike will attempt the following:

  • inflate tyres
  • adjust brakes and gears
  • straighten wheels
  • tighten and adjust parts such as handlebars and saddle, hubs, bottom bracket, headset and pedals
  • check chain and sprocket wear, check and adjust cable tension and assess wear and corrosion
  • check and re-fit mudguards

The mechanics will replace the following parts as a part of the service:

  • inner tubes
  • brake pads
  • brake/gear cables, ferrules and end caps
  • chain oil (dry lube in the summer and wet lube in the winter)

Please be aware that not all repairs will be carried on each bike every time. Sometimes the mechanic runs out of time. Also, sometimes things cannot be adjusted due to wear, corrosion or damage.

If required replacement parts are not available at the time of the Dr Bike session, or time does not allow for the required repair, then the bicycle owner will be told what parts or repairs their bike needs. This will always be done in a language that is easy and clear to understand and remember

Bike Maintenance training

As well as Dr Bike, we offer bike maintenance training which teaches staff the skills to maintain their own bikes.

  • Sessions last one hour
  • Up to five people per session
  • Four session types available – bicycle safety check, punctures, brakes and gears
  • you can book back to back sessions e.g. 12-1 then 1-2

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