Major Updates

Sunday and evening parking charges were introduced in Bristol city centre on 3 September 2018.

The new tariff changes apply across all pay and display machines in the Controlled Parking Zone area, which mostly covers the city centre, and establishes consistency in Bristol City Council’s on-street parking arrangements, whilst also helping to manage increasing demand for the limited parking available by encouraging a turnover of bays.

The revised regime applies every day, including Sundays, and the new charging time periods and scales are as follows:

• 1 hour zone
Between 8am-6pm every day – 50p for up to 10 minutes, £1 for up to 20 minutes, £1.50 for up to 30 minutes, £2 for up to 40 minutes, £2.50 for up to 50 minutes and £3 for up to 1 hour (maximum stay);

• 2 hour zone
Between 8am-6pm every day – 50p for up to 15 mins, £1 for up to 30 mins, £1.50 up to 45 minutes, £2 for up to 1 hour, £2.50 for up to 1 hour 15 minutes, £3 for up to 1 hour 30 minutes, £3.50 for up to 1 hour 45 minutes, and £4 for up to 2 hours (maximum stay);

• 4 hour zone
Between 8am-6pm every day – 50p for up to 24 minutes, £1 for up to 48 minutes, £1.50 for up to 1 hour 12 mins, £2 for 1 hour 36 minutes, £2.50 for up to 2 hours, £3 for up to 2 hours 24 minutes, £3.50 for up to 2 hours 48 minutes, £4 for up to 3 hours 12 minutes, £4.50 for up to  3 hours 36 minutes, and £5 for up to 4 hours (maximum stay);

• In all zones
Between 6pm and 11.59pm, every day, £3 for any period up to 6 hours,
Between 6pm and 9am the following day, every day, £4.50 for a period of up to 15 hours,
Between midnight and 8am, every day at no charge.

Councillor Mhairi Threlfall, Cabinet Member for Transport and Connectivity, said: “In a vibrant, busy city like Bristol, how we manage parking supply and demand in our central areas is critical to keeping everyone moving, whilst also helping to tackle congestion and improve air quality. With more people living and working in the city centre and changes to the design and layout of our highway network, we need to review our parking tariffs to ensure they help balance demand. The new charges were recommended as part of our review to encourage a greater turnover of parking bays, which will support the local economy by accommodating more spaces for visitors.

“Currently, 86% of public parking in the city centre on Sundays is charged with people choosing to pay to park in NCP, Cabot, Galleries and in the council car parks. Only 14% of overall parking bays available are free on a Sunday and these are subject to the new charges.

“Like other major cities, we have a seven-day economy in Bristol so we need to manage parking consistently across the week, applying the same principles. A simpler charging structure is easier for the public to understand and also helps the council’s parking services team to manage its operations more efficiently.”

The changes follow a parking tariff review in 2016 which assessed the level of parking charges against tariffs elsewhere in the city centre, including both on and off street spaces, public and private. The review also considered the overall amount of charged parking in the city centre and parking charge structures in other major cities in England.

Cllr Threlfall added: “The new tariff should free up on-street locations for short-stay parking and we hope this will encourage those who wish to stay in the city centre for longer periods to consider other modes of travel, such as Park & Ride and other public transport options. The Portway Park & Ride service operates on Sundays and the new Metrobus m3 service, which serves Lyde Green, will be extended to Sunday operations in the near future. A wide selection of bus and train services is also available on Sundays.”

Pay and display signage was updated during August to reflect the changes. The new charges are available on the council’s website.

Press release by Bristol City Council.

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