Small Portishead parking change to make big difference for service vehicles

Ambulances, fire engines, buses, refuse trucks and other service vehicles will be free to make easier journeys through West Hill in Portishead once a small change comes into force.

The existing double yellow lines, which run west to east up to where Stoney Steep meets West Hill, are set to be extended by up to 18 metres, to further restrict parking at what is currently a problematic pinch point along the road. 

Here, the combination of parked vehicles, narrow road, and high brick walls has created a too-tight spot which has seen buses getting stuck, causing local disruption – to the extent that this part of the popular X4 bus route is now routinely having to be missed out to avoid it.

The issue on West Hill is well-known locally and causes a similar headache for emergency service and waste collection vehicles. One that can be simply solved by preventing parking currently obstructing a section of road equal to three car spaces.

The change follows feedback from First Bus, who also shared how parking at this pinch point meant buses were unable to access the West Hill bus stop. The update, which is expected to happen in May, is being funded as part of the North Somerset Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP).

By making this small change, we can have a big impact that will make life easier for the service vehicles that need to access the area to serve the local community.

Deterring parking at this small spot will help to ensure communities aren’t having their vital bus services needlessly cancelled, while also protecting our local heritage

Cllr Hannah Young, Executive Member for Highways and Transport

This change makes a lot of sense given the issues which are being experienced on West Hill, and will hopefully go some way to alleviating these.

Cllr Sue Mason, ward councillor for Portishead West

I am pleased that this change is coming in. We don’t want our communities to suffer the loss of access to services, especially when a simple fix is available to us.

Fellow Portishead West ward councillor, Nicola Holland

Original press release by North Somerset Council