Trinity Academy transport works

Works will take place to enable a new school to be built in Lockleaze.

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Background to the transport works

A new secondary school, Trinity Academy, is to be built next to the existing Stoke Park Primary. Planning consent was received for Trinity Academy on the 19th of July 2019.

One of the conditions attached to the planning consent was improvements to the highway network near the school. These improvements were consulted on as part of the planning process.

We have now completed some design work on these improvements and want to make sure you get another opportunity to understand the changes.

The changes are:

  • A speed table (a raised section of road with a ramp at both sides) at either end of the school zone as a traffic calming measure: one at the Romney Avenue/Brangwyn Grove junction and one at the Romney Avenue/Mulready Close junction
  • New coach parking bay for school coaches
  • Moving the southbound Haydon Gardens bus stop slightly to match with the new school entrance
  • A new zebra crossing next to the school
  • A widened, protected footway next to the rear entrance to the school
  • Reducing junction width at Cotman Walk/Romney Avenue and Landseer Avenue/Romney Avenue, to reduce speeds
  • Waiting restrictions opposite the improved rear entrance to the school to make sure schoolchildren can cross the road safely
  • An improved link from Cotman Walk to the railway bridge across to Dovercourt Road.
  • A new parallel crossing on Constable Road that makes it easier to access the Concorde Way shared path.
  • New ‘school keep clear’ markings and other waiting restrictions to improve the safety of schoolchildren

These changes aim to improve road safety in the area and enable as many people as possible to make sustainable journeys to and from the new school, reducing the number of new vehicle trips in the area.

You can see a map of the changes below and in more detail in the Downloads section.

Maps of the changes

You can view a location overview of the changes on this map.

In the Downloads section below, you can download:

  • A location overview of the changes proposed
  • A more detailed descriptive map of the changes, excluding the Constable Road parallel crossing.


These documents may not be accessible for people using assistive technology. Information is available in an alternative format (text) on this page, above and below this section.

Location overview Download pdf PDF approximately 625.8 K Descriptive changes map Download pdf PDF approximately 474.83 K

Rationale for each change

  • The school will need to use coaches at regular intervals. If we don’t provide coach parking bays close by, school coaches will have to make use of parking elsewhere, and schoolchildren will have a less safe and longer journey to the school.

  • Two speed tables will be put in place to signify the school zone. This is a traffic calming measure that has been shown to reduce speeds, and it also clearly defines the entry to an area where schoolchildren are likely to be present. As the speed tables are at junctions, it will also reduce the speed of turning vehicles – where visibility is likely to be worse. This will improve safety.

  • The movement of this bus stop is a practical change to enable the new school entrance to be as open as possible. The change in location is very small, and will mean the bus stop is retained in roughly its original location while providing good access for the new school.

  • The new zebra crossing proposed on Romney Avenue means that schoolchildren, residents and other users can safely cross the road – improving access for the new school, for Stoke Park Primary and for people travelling to Stoke Park.

  • The changes here will include a ‘buildout’ – where the footway widens to narrow the road for a short distance. This will slow traffic and show more clearly that there is a school entrance. There will also be dropped kerbs on both sides of the road, improving accessibility.

    There will also be waiting restrictions at the buildout (and opposite) so that vehicles don’t block this important crossing.

  • These two junctions have been narrowed to reduce speeds near the rear access to the school, and make it easier for pedestrians to cross the roads. Narrowed junctions mean it’s less possible for vehicles to travel at speed around the corner, improving safety for schoolchildren.

  • This existing link is relatively low-quality at the moment, and making it more attractive will mean more people will be able to travel this way to the school from the Dovercourt Road side of the railway bridge. It will also make it easier for existing residents to make this journey.

  • Large numbers of pedestrians and cyclists already use the Concorde Way, and the new school is likely to increase these numbers. This new parallel crossing (for both pedestrians and cyclists) will mean that it’s easier to get across the road and access the school, as well as making it easier to get on Concorde Way.

  • School keep clear markings are a standard safety improvement near the entrance to a school. Junction protection is the provision of double yellow lines at junctions between roads, which solves the problem of vehicles parking on the corner and drastically reducing visibility.