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What is Wheels to Work?

Wheels to Work has been set up by Access WEST to provide those who are recently placed, or not in education, training or employment with help to travel to work, training or interviews. We do this by providing free bus ticketsdiscounted bicycle sales and travel training for anyone aged 16 or over.

How can we help you?

Are you over 16 and need help with travel to work, training or interviews? If so, Wheels to Work may be able to help you.

You can access our offers in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Through one of our partner organisations (such as the Job Centre) who can refer you for an offer
  •  Apply direct yourself using our self-referral form (you will be asked to provide details of a referee who can confirm you are applying for work, education or skills)

How to qualify

To be eligible for Wheels to Work, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • Recently placed, or currently not in education, training or employment;
  • Aged over 16;
  • Be living or studying in South Gloucestershire;
  • Eligible to work and/or study in the UK;
  • Referred by the Job Centre or an agreed Partner Organisation;
  • Must be using the travel training, subsidised Bike or Bus Ticket to access skills, education or employment including interviews;
  • Be able to complete an anonymous survey 3 months after the start date of any W2WW support.

I need a bus ticket

We offer various free bus tickets, including:

First mTickets:
– FirstDay pass
– FirstWeek pass
– FirstMonth pass

1-day paper vouchers

Referred through a partner organisation?
You will given your code or voucher in person as soon as you have completed the application form

Applying direct through the self-referral form?
We will send you your M-ticket code by email, or paper vouchers by post

I need cycle training

Whether you are new to cycling, or are an experienced cyclist seeking to build advanced confidence skills, we have a training option to suit you.

Adult cycle training

1:1 cycle training with an experienced cycle instructor. We can come to deliver the 1-hour session at a location of your choice within South Gloucestershire, and tailor the session to your needs. Training can range from learning to cycle to advanced confidence skills. To access the service just tick the box on the application form

I need to build my confidence with travel

If you are worried about travel, we’re here to help. Our Travel Training team can offer 1-1 bespoke travel training sessions to help you build confidence in using bus and public transport services to get to work, education or skills.

Our Travel Training sessions offer practical, real-time experience where you will be provided with the resources to travel independently and confidently. Ranging from walking, crossing roads and using public transport (including buses and trains), Travel Training can be repeated for as long as you need to become independent.

I need to plan a journey

If you are unsure what options you have to make your journey you can request a personal journey plan from the Travelwest Travel Advisors. With a few details of your journey requirements they can provide a list of all of the best options for walking, cycling, bus, train and car share. To access the service just tick the box in the application form.

Apply for a Wheels to Work Offer

To apply for a Wheels to Work offer complete the Wheels to Work Application Form.

This form is for both partner referrals AND self-referrals.

The Wheels to Work loan-to-buy scooter scheme is closed to new applicants. If you are an existing customer and need to get in touch, please email

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