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What is Travel Training?

If you feel unconfident, or feel you lack the knowledge to travel independently, our Travel Coordinators are there to empower you by providing training sessions (between 1 & 3) that carefully plan and detail exactly what options are available to you when travelling by public transport.

Travel Training provides bespoke 1-1 travel planning with a Travel Coordinator in South Gloucestershire. Our Travel Coordinators will be on hand to support you on your chosen route, providing assistance and direction where required, in order for you to be able to travel independently.

How do I sign up to a Travel Training session?

In order to receive Travel Training you have to be 16 years or older, currently not able to travel independently and intend to use the sessions to access education, training or employment.

Candidates will be referred via our Partner Organisations, and will be contacted by our Travel Coordinators directly.


Will the travel trainer take me outside of South Gloucestershire if required?


How long will a training session last?

As long as the journey to and from the chosen route.

Will I have to pay for my bus fare when travelling with the travel trainer?

Yes and money for a drink or refreshment.

What hours and days does the travel training scheme operate?  

The scheme is flexible to the needs of the trainee in respect of start and finish times. The travel coordinators work Mon–Fri.

Is travel training available for any other modes i.e. walking and cycling?

Not at the moment, although if there is an interest in travel training using different modes please do let us know and we can try to offer support for individuals.

For more help, or to get in touch regarding Travel Training please contact us:

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