Safe, affordable and accessible travel for individuals and groups who are unable to use public transport and would otherwise have no other way of getting around.

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Available services

Operating area

Please note that the map below is merely indicative and you should always contact the operator to confirm that your location is within their operating area.

  • Badminton
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Coalpit Heath
  • Codrington
  • Cromhall
  • Emersons Green
  • Frampton Cotterell
  • Frenchay
  • Hawkesbury
  • Horton
  • Iron Acton
  • Little Sodbury
  • Old Sodbury
  • Pucklechurch
  • Rangeworthy
  • Tormarton
  • Wapley
  • Westerleigh
  • Wickwar
  • Winterbourne
  • Winterbourne Down
  • Yate

Vehicle hire for community groups

Voluntary and community groups can become members of the scheme and are then able to hire vehicles. Groups from outside the operating area are also welcome to enquire. Groups can provide their own driver or alternatively the scheme can see whether one of their volunteers is available to drive.

Registration process

Groups need to complete a group membership form (these are available via email or post – contact Green CT to get a form). Annual membership is £30 (this covers January to December).

Booking process

Vehicles can be hired on any day of the week. If you need a volunteer driver as well, they are mostly available Monday to Friday daytimes, however some are happy to drive on evenings and weekends. The more notice you can give when requesting a booking, the more likely it is that both a vehicle and a volunteer driver (if required) will be available.

To request a booking call or email Green CT to let them know when you would like to hire the vehicle from and until, the size of vehicle you require and whether you need a driver to be provided. If a driver is needed then also include details of pick-up points and times. If you are providing your own driver then you will be asked to send a copy of the driver’s licence and MiDAS certificate. That driver will then need to pick up and drop off the vehicle at the depot at the agreed time.

Hiring cost

For a full breakdown and list of costs please visit the companies website or email Green CT

Registration process for individuals

All individuals need to become members before using any of the services listed below. Membership is £20 per year (£10 from July onwards) and runs from January to December. Passengers can join over the phone and then be sent a membership form containing a loyalty card and the scheme’s terms and conditions and privacy notice.

Booking process

Passengers can book in advance by calling 01454 228706 or 0845 241 0985, or by emailing [email protected]. Medical appointments are given priority. As much notice as possible is required, particularly for hospital appointments.


Ring-and-Ride is Green CT’s main transport service for individuals. The service is available Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 17:00 and allows people to request travel between two points of their choosing.

Where can I travel to and from?

You can book transport to a variety of places, including medical appointments, shops, hairdressers and much more. The operating area map shows the main places transport is offered to and from. Medical appointments are given priority but all enquiries are welcome.

If you live outside that area but close by it is worth getting in touch, although priority is given to those living in the area. The transport destination should also be within the operating area, although it is still worth getting in touch if transport is needed to outside the area (for example to hospitals in Bristol and Bath) as this may still be possible via either Ring-and-Ride or the voluntary car service.

How do I book a journey?

To make a booking, contact the office between 09:30 and 14:15 Monday to Friday.

Journeys need to be booked in advance, usually at least a working day before and preferably before that if possible. Return journeys are usually booked at the same time as outbound journeys. If you have a same-day travel request it is still worth calling in case something is available. Passengers can be offered repeat bookings, although flexibility is required to help provide transport to as many people as possible.

Once a booking is confirmed, you will be given a pick-up time. The driver may arrive 15 minutes before or after that time, so please be ready in advance. The driver can come to your front door to help you board the bus if needed, just request this when booking.

What are the charges for using Ring-and-Ride?

prices for return journeys start at £6.00 for bus pass holders, fares will be confirmed upon booking and full details can also be found on our website

Voluntary car service

Green CT offer a voluntary car service where volunteer drivers drive their own vehicles to help users get to where they need to be. This service is particularly useful where Ring-and-Ride is unable to fulfil the journey request.

For return trips, drivers will wait up to 1.5 hours for passengers, or they can do a double journey (they would go home and return for you when called).

There is also a hospital scheme to take people in accessible cars, the charges are different for this as there is a set fare.

How do I book a journey?

To make a booking, contact the office between 09:30 and 14:15 Monday to Friday.

As much notice as possible is required to enable communication with all volunteers, as each booking is discussed individually with volunteers.

There is also a hospital scheme to take people in accessible cars, the charges are different for this as there is a set fare.

What is the cost for using the voluntary car service?

The charge to a user is made up of a £2 administration fee and a 50p-per-mile contribution to the driver’s expenses.

For the hospital scheme the charges are different for this as there is a set fare.

Outings and day trips

The programme changes monthly and suggestions from passengers are welcomed. Trips are a mix of pub lunches, garden centres, shops and local attractions.

A list of planned outings and costs is updated on the website on a monthly basis, as well as on the Facebook page. There is also a mailing list available. Passengers can also get a copy on the bus when travelling or call to ask about the outings.

Whilst the trips are targeted at members living in the operating area, friends who are visiting a member can go with them on a trip if they pay the fare.

How do I book onto one of the outings?

To make a booking, contact the office between 09:30 and 14:15 Monday to Friday.

What is the cost for the outings?

The cost is different depending on the trip (the cost is given on the outings list mentioned above).


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Please complete the below form which will be sent to the Community Transport Operator to apply for membership with them.
For any enquiries please contact the operator.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided on this page was supplied by the community transport operator. Costs and terms of use are set by operators and we cannot accept responsibility for incorrect or outdated information as unplanned changes may occur. If you find an error on this page please let the operator know.