There is a range of Community Transport services available across the West of England region. These provide essential transport within the community and are particularly well placed to cater for passengers with limited mobility.

Bristol Community Transport ceased community transport operations on 26 August 2022

Bristol Community Transport (BCT) ceased their community transport services on 26 August 2022 at short notice. Other community transport providers are keen to support BCT’s former users and the West of England Combined Authority is working with them with the aim of securing alternative provision as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the Combined Authority has partnered with the West of England Rural Network to provide an emergency helpline for former users of BCT’s services to find out about alternative community transport provision, and they can be contacted via email on [email protected] or phone on 07410 168178.

  • Door-to-door transport

    The scheme provides individuals with transport from their front door to a variety of locations. Individuals register to become members and are then able to request transport from their front door to a place of their choosing. Some schemes also have trips to specific locations available on certain days of the week. Schemes may propose a different time or day of the week if that fits better with delivering of the service to more users. Priority may be given to requests such as medical appointments but all requests are welcomed.

    Voluntary car schemes

    The scheme links individuals with volunteer drivers offering transport. The individual contacts the co-ordinator to request a journey who then contacts volunteer drivers to see if anyone can provide the transport. If so, the driver will then pick up the individual and take them to and from their destination. There’s usually a charge per mile for the volunteer driver.

  • Vehicles owned by community groups are made available to other local organisations for low-cost hire. These can be used for a number of different purposes, including leisure, social events and education.

  • Some of the community transport schemes run trips and excursions throughout the year to places of interest either within the area or further afield.

  • The operator may be running weekly trips to one or more local places of interest, such as a supermarket.

  • A place to hire mobility equipment, such as mobility scooters and manual or powered wheelchairs.

West of England Combined Authority area

Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Please use the search field below to find your local community transport services. You can also use the filters above (mobile) and to the left (desktop) to filter by type of service when searching by postcode.

Please note this directory only shows Community Transport Operators financially supported by the West of England Combined Authority. Other providers may be available within your area.

For community transport within North Somerset, please visit North Somerset Council’s website.


Bath Community Transport

Bath Community Transport

Fully accessible Minibuses with 12 seats, or up to 2 fixed wheelchairs and 6 additional seated passengers available to hire within Bath & North East Somerset.

• Group vehicle hire •

mobility scooters and wheelchair outside Bristol Shopmobility

Bristol Shopmobility

Bristol Shopmobility

Bristol Shopmobility are a small charity who provide daily and longer term hire of mobility equipment such as mobility scooters and both manual and powered wheelchairs.

• Shopmobility •

Four Towns Vehicle

Four Towns and Vale Link Community Transport

Four Towns and Vale Link Community Transport

Providing transport to those members of the community who, for whatever reason, cannot use existing transport services.

• Group vehicle hire • Door-to-door services (including voluntary car scheme) • Outings and day trips •

Green Community Transport vehicle at Chipping Sodbury high street

Green Community Travel

Green Community Travel

Green Community Travel is a charitable non-profit organisation that provides safe, affordable and accessible travel for individuals and groups who are unable to use public transport and would otherwise have no other way of getting around. Operating within South Gloucestershire.

• Group vehicle hire • Door-to-door services (including voluntary car scheme) • Outings and day trips •


Hawkesbury Volunteer Transport Group

Hawkesbury Volunteer Transport Group

HVT provide a voluntary car scheme service to any resident of Hawkesbury Parish wanting to travel to any medical related appointment.

• Door-to-door services (voluntary car scheme) •

Keynsham & District Dial-a-Ride

Keynsham & District Dial-a-Ride

Providing a range of services to residents and community groups within the Keynsham and Saltford area.

• Group vehicle hire • Door-to-door services • Outings and day trips • Regular local trips •