Beggar Bush Lane bus improvement works set to start in July

The next major bus improvement scheme planned for North Somerset is set to begin on Beggar Bush Lane next month as part of ambitious bus service improvements which will make bus travel faster, greener, more reliable, convenient, and co-ordinated across the region.

The improvement works on Beggar Bush Lane are part North Somerset Council’s Bus Services Improvement Plan (BSIP) and include:

  • widening the A369 to introduce a new bus lane for buses heading towards the M5 
  • adjusting the left-hand turn to make room for a new bus lane 
  • new ‘smart’ traffic lights that will detect and prioritise buses
  • introducing three improved crossing points for pedestrians and cyclists across the A369 and Beggar Bush Lane.

Beggar Bush Lane has been identified as a pinch point along the popular X4 bus route, which serves Portishead, Portbury and Easton-in-Gordano passengers travelling direct to and from Bristol. The changes will offer a speedier and more reliable service during peak times, resulting in a significant time saving along the entire network for the X4. 

The bus lane improvements will have a positive effect on the entire network allowing more buses to run, reducing journey times and increasing reliability of the service making the bus a more attractive option for commuters and other passengers. 

The new Beggar Bush Lane crossing points will also make it easier and safer for those travelling by bike or on foot to cross an extremely busy road.

With so many feeling the effects of the cost-of-living crisis, I hope that together these changes will also make it easier for people to choose to save money by leaving the car at home.

Cllr Hannah Young, Executive Member for Highways and Transport at North Somerset Council

The road works will start at the end of July and will take approximately 9 weeks with a short break during the Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Works will mostly be undertaken at night and outside peak hours to minimise disruption. 

People up and down the country deserve a modern, reliable, and affordable public transport system. That is why we have provided North Somerset Council with £105 million to boost its bus services.
Supporting essential upgrades around Beggar Bush Lane to improve journey times and punctuality of the popular X4 service is great for local residents, who will now benefit and be able to make the most of the fantastic work, business and leisure opportunities North Somerset has to offer.

Roads Minister Richard Holden

Following a successful bid to the Department for Transport (DfT), over £105m funding has been allocated for bus improvements in the West of England, with £48m earmarked for capital improvements in North Somerset alone. £57.5m will be used as a pooled revenue fund with the West of England Combined Authority to enable delivery of the Bus Service Improvement Plan. 

The ambitious Bus Service Improvement Plan aims to offer an improved service, and more accessible and affordable bus travel with simple and consistent fares, to provide a quicker and greener alternative to using the car.

Additional BSIP improvements include:

  • WESTlink – a local demand responsive bus that connects communities without a scheduled local service
  • upgrading 18 bus corridors in North Somerset, resulting in quicker journey times and more regular buses in towns and urban areas
  • accelerating use of forms of transport with lower carbon impact – a key priority for the council as part of its commitment to tackle the climate emergency
  • Supporting economic growth by enabling easier and more affordable travel to education and employment opportunities

More information on the Bus Improvement Service Plan can be found on the council website: Bus service improvement plan | North Somerset Council (

Press release by North Somerset Council.