Electric vehicle charging consultation launched in North Somerset

North Somerset residents are being invited to have their say on the future demand for public electric vehicle charging points across North Somerset.

North Somerset Council estimates almost 2,000 publicly accessible charge points will be needed by 2030, as increasing numbers of people make the switch to electric vehicles to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

While it’s anticipated that the private sector will provide a significant proportion of the new charge points, the council will need to fill gaps in the network using central government grant funding.

Currently, 40% of greenhouse gas emissions released in North Somerset are due to transport, so this is a key component in tackling the climate emergency and reaching net zero emissions.

We want to create a thriving and sustainable North Somerset. As increasing numbers of households and businesses purchase or lease electric vehicles, there will be a greater demand for charging points. We want to ensure drivers across North Somerset have access to a comprehensive, convenient and affordable electric vehicle public charging network.

Over and above the new infrastructure the private sector is likely to provide, we forecast that more than 600 additional charge points will be required across North Somerset, particularly in rural areas.

Cllr Steve Hogg, executive member for sustainable travel

Currently there are 92 publicly available charge points in North Somerset. Some of these are part of the West of England’s Revive Network and located in council car parks, while others are provided by the private sector on private land.

At the end of 2022, there were 2,800 registered electric vehicles in North Somerset, most of which are currently charged at home. The council plans to expand the charging network in anticipation of electric vehicle registrations in North Somerset reaching over 37,000 by 2030. 

The council has developed an electric vehicle strategy to set out the current position, forecast the scale of the charging network required by 2030 and outline the approach the council plans to take to create reliable and accessible electric vehicle charging provision across North Somerset.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to complete the electric vehicle strategy consultation online before the closing date of noon Thursday 6 April.

Press release by North Somerset Council.