Locals encouraged to have say on new ‘cycle hangar’ sites

Residents across the West of England are being given the opportunity to suggest locations on residential roads where cycle hangars, which can securely store up to six bikes, should be installed.

A new consultation has been launched (today Monday 2 October) to give all West residents a say in where they want to see dozens of hangars rolled out across the region.

It comes after the Mayoral Combined Authority secured over £3.5 million to boost walking and cycling in the West earlier in the year, including funding to install up to 80 lockable, secure cycle hangars at locations where people most want to see them.

The consultation gives local people the chance to select where they would like to see one of these cycle hangars – which usually take up the space of about one parked car – using a simple-to-use interactive online map, and then answering some short survey questions to explain their reasons why.

The idea is to provide really detailed feedback helping the Combined Authority draw up a shortlist of sites based on where there is most demand for the hangars, plus other criteria such as where residents have little to no storage for their bikes indoors.

This will then be passed to the local councils, who will do things like carry out a physical site inspection of the shortlisted sites, to check they’re all suitable.

Once the cycle hangars have been installed from early next year, people can then apply for a space.

The consultation runs until 29 October, and people can choose their location at www.cyclehangarswest.co.uk.

Press release by the West of England Combined Authority